Israeli investment house Barometer invests in Valoo for stake in fintech innovation

 Eli Tzahor and Adi Weitzhandler. (photo credit: KEREN GANOR)
Eli Tzahor and Adi Weitzhandler.
(photo credit: KEREN GANOR)

Barometer investment house, which manages billions of shekels for private clients and a fund worth  NIS 1.5 billion used by institutional entities, invests in the fintech start-up, which has developed a smart system for carrying out secondary stock transactions.

In a significant move for the fintech sector, veteran investment house Barometer Investment Management has acquired a stake in fintech start-up Valoo. Known for managing billions of shekels for private clientele and overseeing an NIS 1.5 billion fund for institutional entities, Barometer's foray signifies a keen interest in digital finance innovation.

Valoo, founded by Adi Weitzhandler and Meir Steigman in 2019, stands out for its system tailored for executing secondary stock transactions of global private tech firms. Since its inception, the start-up has facilitated over 200 secondary transactions with well-established tech companies. Valoo offers a comprehensive system with rich data on more than 500 burgeoning tech firms valued at over $100 billion. Today, with a community exceeding 1,300 qualified investors possessing a combined capital in the billions, it caters to a diversified clientele, from angel investors to venture capital funds, family offices, and institutional entities. Among its clients are tech giants like VIA and eToro.

This investment comes at a time when there's a palpable uptick in secondary transactions by private Israeli-related tech firms. Factors such as heightened interest rates and stagnation in the real estate market have prompted investors to pivot to alternative investment avenues. Valoo's platform, known for its efficiency and precision, is positioned favorably in this evolving landscape.

Barometer CEO and owner Eli Tzahor expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: "Valoo has an impeccable platform for secondary transactions, allowing investments in top-tier companies pre-issuance at remarkable discounts. I see a mutual benefit – sellers gain liquidity while buyers secure significant markdowns from anticipated issuance prices. Valoo, with its commendable team, product, and vast market potential, is primed to deliver substantial value to its shareholders."

Adding to this sentiment, Adi Weitzhandler, co-founder and joint CEO at Valoo, remarked, "Barometer's involvement underscores their faith in our platform. Their expertise brings unparalleled data depth and a strategic edge that will bolster our platform's efficacy."

Barometer Investment House, established in 1998 by Tzahor, has over three decades of capital market expertise. Beyond its management of mutual funds, it also serves a base of private clients and oversees a NIS 1.5 billion fund, primarily catering to institutional players.