As municipal elections end, some mayors show less grace than others

After serving as mayor of Nahariya for 30 years, Jacky Sabag calls residents 'ingrates' after losing local elections.

Yona Yahav (photo credit: TZVI ROGER, CITY OF HAIFA)
Yona Yahav
(photo credit: TZVI ROGER, CITY OF HAIFA)
Mayor of Nahariya Jacky Sabag said he "reached the conclusion that most residents of Nahriya are ingrates" after losing the Tuesday elections to Ronen Marly.
has held the office of mayor for the past 30 years.
Mayor Yona Yahav, who lost the elections to Dr. Einat Kalisch Rotem, said that "Haifa is my life's work" and that he "prays the new city leadership will know how to maintain what was achieved here in the last 15 years."
Beit Shemesh elections showed a dramatic result with only a 100 vote advantage for Aliza Bloch over sitting mayor Moshe Abotbol.
As the votes cast by IDF soldiers, prison inmates and the disabled have not yet been counted, final results for Beit Shemesh will only be known for certain on Thursday.