Parents receiving 1500 NIS for protecting children from accidents

Young people are involved in a large number of accidents. Parents can protect them with the vehicle-safety system, Mobileye.

TEL AVIV’S congested Ayalon Highway in 2014.  (photo credit: MOSHE MILNER / GPO)
TEL AVIV’S congested Ayalon Highway in 2014.
(photo credit: MOSHE MILNER / GPO)
Young people are involved in a large number of accidents, and it is your job as a parent to protect them. The solution comes in the form of the vehicle-safety system by Mobileye. This will keep you and your loved ones safe. Here is the bonus: A NIS 1,500 refund courtesy of the state.
Research conducted by Or Yarok, an NGO fighting against road accidents in Israel, leads to an obvious conclusion: The number of drivers aged between 17-24 years involved in road accidents must be decreased. “Just as driving is a challenge for those young people, so too the high level of their involvement in road accidents is a challenge”, the summary of the research report reads. According to data from the National Road Safety Authority, no less than 11 % of young drivers (up to the age of 24 years) have been involved in fatal road accidents between January and May 2018, making it the highest number among all age groups.
These figures are nothing out of the ordinary. Each year, many young drivers in Israel are involved in fatal and lighter road accidents. Recklessness, speeding, fatigue , speaking on the mobile phone without headset, messaging and more are among the main reasons given for this.
Help them to help themselves
If you are parents of a youngster who has just obtained their driving licence, it seems fair to assume that, more often than not, you are not calm. Along with the reasons listed above, young drivers also lack experience. On the road, countless elements need to be taken into consideration and judgement needs to be used. The less experienced a driver is, the larger the gap between the feeling of being in control of the vehicle and the person's actual handling of an emergency situation. A lack of decision-making increases the likelihood of accidents, and you surely understand that a split-second of wrong judgement can cost your loved ones their lives.
Mobileye is here to help. There is almost nobody in Israel who has not heard of the advanced warning and assistance system Mobileye at the top of vehicle-safety systems. Leading car manufacturers from around the world, such as BMW, General Motors, Opel, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, Honda, Audi, and others install these systems in their new vehicles. This is thanks to the effective contribution that this system has made in terms of helping to prevent accidents.
To keep your children safe – Leave us your details
Having said that, the technology has as yet not been installed in a large number of vehicles, in particular pre-owned vehicles. “It is quite possible that some of those parents who pass their vehicle on to their children are not aware that there are Mobileye systems that can be installed in vehicles built in 2000 and later. Other parents simply do not see installing the system as a priority and / or forget that it even exists.
Anyone with a son or a daughter about to hit the roads might want to rethink this. Mobileye will make your children’s drive much safer. The system warns them before it is too late, and it will give you peace of mind.
Are you concerned about the cost? No need
If the financial burden is of concern to you, this is, in fact, one thing less to worry about. The Ministry of Transport and Road Safety gives you an incremental discount of NIS 1,500 on your yearly vehicle-tax payments, spread over a three-year period for the installation of Mobileye. In addition to this, having the system installed in your vehicle also makes you eligible for a discount from some insurance providers (depending on your provider's policy). This is how the system will ultimately cost you much less. The discount is available for private and commercial vehicles of up to 3.5 t, registered from 01/01/2000 until 01/05/2017 and based on the condition that the aforementioned safety system has been installed in the vehicle from (and not earlier than) 19/09/2017.
The countless distractions that your children experience while driving require an additional assistance measure on your part in order to keep your children safe, especially when you are not with them. The instant warnings in real time help them become more vigilant and in control of the situation. This also makes a tremendous difference when it comes to protecting the lives of your loved ones. If the safety of your children is important to you, do not pass on the safety systems by Mobileye.
With the NIS 1,500 refund from the State, you can ensure a quieter and safer journey for the young drivers of your family at minimum cost.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch to have your eligibility checked and arrange personal installation at the customer's home or with one of our licensed providers across the country. Please be aware that the budget allocated by the State is limited. It is therefore important that you contact us quickly.
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