Why do Israeli students buy laptops in Eilat?

As the new school year begins, one quarter of Israeli students are waiting for the Black Friday sales to purchase items.

Office Depot (photo credit: Courtesy)
Office Depot
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Ahead of the upcoming school year, Office Depot looked into the data behind the purchases done in their 41 branches across the Israel to better understand the 100 million NIS back-to-school market. 
What did they discover?
Their branch in Eilat, the city that enjoys a tax-free status, saw a 30% increase of laptops, printers and other electronic device purchases by students ahead of the university school year, which opens Sunday.
On average, an Israeli student is expected to spend $155 in preparation for his or her scholastic career. One quarter of students don't purchase anything, the data suggests, and are waiting for the Black Friday sales expected on November 29. 
Office Depot announced a range of sales valid through November 7, 2019. Backpacks, including brands like Adidas and Vans, were sold at 30% off the usual price. The Asus E406 laptop was sold at NIS 999, down from its usual price of NIS 1,290. 
iSmart and TouchIt, which are owned by Office Depot, also offering sales including Mac computers sold at a 20% discount in iSmart and 12% discounts offered on items for students at TouchIt. 
In addition, Casio calculators will be sold without any VAT in all branches, as if they were in Eilat. Additionally, a NIS 50 discount is being given on Oxford electronic dictionaries.