Former Shin Bet chief: Netanyahu no longer fit to make critical decisions

Carmi Gilon says it is impossible for the prime minister to make the hard decision required of him while battling corruption allegations.

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu at a Likud party meeting last year. (Reuters) (photo credit: REUTERS)
PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu at a Likud party meeting last year. (Reuters)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The former director of the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bent) said on Sunday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cannot continue to function as the leader of the country due to his alleged involvement in multiple corruption scandals.
Netanyahu compares police recommendations to "swiss cheese," February 14, 2018 (Reuters)
"In his current position, with four criminal investigations hanging around his neck like a noose, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is no longer fit to make critical decisions," charged Carmi Gilon, who served as the head of Israel's internal security agency between 1995-1996. 
"I have had a chance to see former prime ministers make decisions and send soldiers to their deaths  in battle and appreciate how grave their decisions can be," Gilon said in an interview to Radio 103 FM. "Such decisions must be made with full focus and I don't believe he can do that at this time." 
Asked whether he thought a war was brewing in order to cover for the current condition of the prime minister, Gilon did not immediately rule it out.
"Crazy things have happened before. When I look at the Israeli political arena as it's unfolding these days, I see people who have decided to surrender their integrity and shirk the public responsibility placed on their shoulders, in favor of political survival," 
he said, urging the coalition partners to find a new leader to be prime minister from within their ranks.
Netanyahu, his wife and several of his close aides and advisors are under investigation for a string of corruption allegations, with two close former associates already signing on as state witnesses for the prosecution.
Gilon was the head of the Shin Bet, in charge of VIP protection, at the time of the assassination of then prime minister Yitzhak Rabin.
He resigned the position three months after the murder amid widespread criticism of his performance.