Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's 9th prime minister, has been in office from 2009 and is currently serving his 4th term in the position which he also held from 1996-1999. Netanyahu previously served as Israel's embassador to the UN, Minister of Finance, Foreign Minister, Leader of the Opposition and is current the Chairman of the ruling Likud party.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Can he work together with his fellow ministers?

PM to court: Police tried to bully all witnesses to lie against me

In an unusual strategic move, the defense tried to use allegations that Ritman and Alsheich have made against Netanyahu as the basis for the prejudice accusation.

Key state’s witness accused police in 2018 of evidentiary games to nail PM

The witness in question was former top Netanyahu aide and current state’s witness Shlomo Filber.

Knesset to vote on anti-Bibi bill

KAN reported on Sunday morning that preparations in Blue and White are underway for what the party will do once it leaves the coalition.


Has Netanyahu rendered Israel's defense establishment irrelevant?

PM has a worrying pattern of keeping the defense establishment in the dark about crucial defense deals.

Demonstrators protest against Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu outside Prime Minister offic

Sympathy from Netanyahu? Not going to happen - comment

Comparing the media in Israel to North Korea, Netanyahu lashed out against the protests which he said trampled democracy and were an “incubator for the coronavirus.”

Benjamin Netanyahu

Is Israel going to elections? Here are Netanyahu’s 5 options

A look at what the under-pressure prime minister can do to avoid a fourth election in 19 months.


Three ways Netanyahu tries to delegitimize protests against him

PM has not engaged with protesters • Public Security Minister Ohana wanted police to block demonstration in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu's trial to start January 2021, calling witnesses 3 times a week

The judge in Netanyahu's case said it was impossible to hold a trial if Netanyahu's lawyers continue to complain about whether they are being paid.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu against the world - analysis

Netanyahu went through three elections to get 18 months in power to implement the annexation plan, and he is not going to squander it.


Will Netanyahu's trial take place in the courtroom or on the street?

The prime minister’s agents are trying to entrench a perception among the public that he is facing a political – rather than a criminal – trial.

SHAUL ELOVITCH appears in Jerusalem District Court Sunday at the start of their trial.

The other defendants in Netanyahu's trial could determine his fate

Who are Netanyahu's co-defendants, and how could they affect the outcome of the trial for the prime minister?

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu visits the Jordan Valley community of Mevo’ot Yericho in February

Is Netanyahu hoping for an ‘out’ from annexation?

National Affairs: The longer Israel waits on the fateful move, the more opposition it will face from the international community.

THE OUTSIDE of Jerusalem District Court, where the trial of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will t

The trial of the century begins as Netanyahu heads to court

Legal Affairs: The prime minister faces bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces that he will request immunity from Knesset, Jan. 1, 2020

Netanyahu: Settlement annexation after election

The prime minister said Blue and White leader Benny Gantz wouldn't annex without EU and Arab approval.


Netanyahu withdraws request for immunity, trial to start within weeks

"As I have done all my life, I will continue to invest all for the future of our country and for you, the citizens of Israel."

Benjamin Netanyahu and Yuli Edelstein at swearing in of 21st Knesset

Will Netanyahu bring down Yuli Edelstein with him? - Analysis

Edelstein, who lived in Gush Etzion for 20 years, thereby joined the community of accused "left-wing traitors" that includes hawks like Gideon Sa'ar, Moshe Ya'alon and President Reuven Rivlin.


Netanyahu pledges US support for West Bank settlement annexation

"We didn't return here [Judea and Samaria] just to leave it," Netanyahu said during a campaign visit to the Mitzpe Yericho settlement in the Binyamin region of the West Bank.


Netanyahu can stay prime minister for now - High Court

Mandelblit rejected the arguments about incompetence and about Netanyahu being weaker as a transitional prime minister, and called the question of whether he could form a new government theoretical.

Former Netanyahu aide Nir Hefetz

State Prosecutor's claim investigation against Nir Hefetz is legitimate

Comments from state prosecutor’s office comes amid allegations of contradictions in Hefetz’s testimony after release of transcripts by Channel 12

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attends a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Boc

Fact Check: Seven myths in Netanyahu’s recent statements

An examination of what Netanyahu has said recently in the interviews and his own broadcasts found that not everything the prime minister has said has been entirely accurate.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives at the Knesset ahead of the vote

Majority of Israelis expect Netanyahu to be the next PM - new poll

Fifty-six percent of the Israeli public thinks that there is a small chance that a candidate besides Netanyahu will form the next government.


Will Netanyahu be able to avoid paying his legal bills?

Will PM end-run on comptroller c’tee work to get legal fees paid for by others?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at an army exercise in the north on June 19th, 2019

Netanyahu to Israel's enemies: We have power to destroy, do not test us

“I hear our neighbors from the north, south and east threatening to destroy us,” Netanyahu said.

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