Brig.-Gen. to withdraw from IDF for alleged weapons hoarding

Kahane is accused of hoarding military equipment in a private storage container which he brought to every base he visited.

Retrieved weapons stolen from an IDF base in southern Israel (photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
Retrieved weapons stolen from an IDF base in southern Israel
(photo credit: ISRAEL POLICE)
The head of the IDF’s Border Defense Force, Brig.-Gen. Mordechai Kahane, will finish his term and withdraw from the IDF following an inquiry over suspicions he kept illicit military equipment in a container for personal use, the army has announced.
According to the IDF, Kahane met with Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot on Monday, where he took full responsibility for his actions and asked to finish his post and leave the IDF.
Eisenkot stressed that Kahane’s actions were not appropriate behavior for an officer in the IDF, but emphasized that he has a significant military history, having served in a variety of command and combat positions during nearly 30 years of service.
Kahane was suspended from duty for two weeks by the commander of the IDF’s ground forces Maj.-Gen. Kobi Barak – with the approval of Eisenkot – after allegations surfaced that he had, “for an extended period of time, received and possessed, improperly, military and civilian equipment.”
According to a report on Israel Radio at the time, the military equipment which was kept in a private storage container included a handgun, night-vision instruments, bullets, and an AK-47 assault rifle, believed to have been taken from Hamas.
The storage locker, which he brought with him to every base where he served, also held various appliances including a television and a washing machine.
The nephew of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, Brig.-Gen. Kahane began his career in the IDF in the Golani Brigade and later commanded both Sayeret Golani and the Egoz Unit. He also commanded the Gaza Division’s Southern Brigade and the Squad Commander School’s Brigade.
Currently serving as the IDF’s chief combat intelligence officer, he was named the head of the newly formed Border Defense Force earlier this year.
The IDF Criminal Investigation Division is continuing its investigation.