gadi eisenkot

Generals in Israeli politics are no longer hot commodities - opinion

Perhaps voters appreciate that despite Israel’s pervasive security challenges, bravery and proficiency in battle do not in themselves provide the experience for successful national leadership.


Disbanding Palestinian Authority will lead to disaster – Eisenkot

Eisenkot is part of a party with right-wing members like Gideon Sa'ar and Ze'ev Elkin.

Israel elections: Are we barreling toward a sixth election round? - analysis

This time around, Netanyahu is not going anywhere. As a result, the country is staring down the barrel of yet another deadlocked election.


Eisenkot: Settler agenda pushing Israel to one-state reality

Eisenkot's words put him at odds with Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar, former head of the New Hope Party, who is number two in Gantz's party.

14 Days: National Unity

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


Israel's security chiefs' political path is moderate but muddled - opinion

Jewish Israelis have awarded majorities to parties of the Right in almost every election since 1977.


Politics is where ex-chiefs of staff go to fade away

INSIDE POLITICS: Many ex-chiefs of staff have gone into politics in Israel's history, but only Ehud Barak was successful.


Israel Elections: Eisenkot gives National Unity 2 seats – poll

Following the split between Ben-Gvir and Smotrich, Otzma Yehudit won 7 seats versus Religious Zionism's 5 ahead of Israeli elections.

Israel elections: What are Eisenkot, Gantz And Sa'ar offering? - opinion

In the upcoming election, the ability to be unwavering, yet kind, to be idealistic without being cruel, is so sorely needed that we will just have to think of a good translation for “mamlachti.”

Eisenkot joins Gantz, Sa'ar in National Unity Party

The new list, which includes Eisenkot, Gantz and Sa'ar, was renamed the State Camp and will be headed by Gantz. Matan Kahana has also announced his intention to join.

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