Cassif calls Netanyahu ‘serial criminal’, Odeh: ‘we won’t be silent’

The Communist Party MK claimed Netanyahu is leading the country to war to avoid serving time in prison.

Ofer Cassif (photo credit: Courtesy)
Ofer Cassif
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Hadash MK Ofer Cassif placed responsibility for Sunday's escalation between Hezbollah and Israel at the doorstep of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling him ‘the serial criminal from Balfur Street.’
Saying that Netanyahu “and his servants” are responsible for the recent clash he added that they mean to “occupy the seat of power with blood and to ensure the criminal [Netanyahu] will escape prison.”
Joint List leader Ayman Odeh said “we will not be silent when the cannons roar” and warned that further war “will not bring security, only death, destruction and victims on both sides.”
Twitter users slammed Cassif and warned him he is crossing the line. Users also told Odeh that he should refrain from speaking and expressed support to the IDF.