Community center to empower new mothers opens in Jerusalem

Center to provide women with necessary tools to "experience ongoing journey of motherhood personally and professionally," says municipality.

A pregnant woman (photo credit: REUTERS)
A pregnant woman
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A Jerusalem community center created to empower new mothers by promoting personal and professional well-being and advancement is scheduled to open in the capital on Wednesday, the municipality announced.
According to the Jerusalem Municipality, the center, located at the First Station, will address the ongoing needs of women during and after pregnancy, while offering career counseling to assist mothers on maternity leave to successfully renter the workforce.
“This new initiative will give women the tools to experience the ongoing journey of motherhood, personal and social growth, while facilitating their reintegration into the labor force,” the municipality said on Monday.
Programs offered at the center will address a broad spectrum of issues facing new mothers, such as feelings of frustration and pain, peer support, holistic approaches to experiencing motherhood in both body and mind, and shattering the myth of the “perfect mother.”
Additionally, there will be workshops to encourage social interaction, professional networking and child-rearing tips, the municipality said.
Combining parenthood with careers and relationships, parenting, setting healthy boundaries, first aid for babies, entrepreneurship, women’s rights in the workplace, resuming one’s sex life, breastfeeding, and advice on sleep will all be addressed, the municipality said.
“This program will strengthen female identity through the experience of motherhood by creating gender empowerment and by expanding the choices for mothers about the combination of career and family,” it said.
Wednesday’s meeting will cost NIS 20 and be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Coffee, tea and cake will be served.