Convicted terrorist becomes a father despite Supreme Court ruling

Allegedly, Walid Daka was able to smuggle his semen out of prison when the Supreme Court ruled he is not eligible for visitation rights in 2011.

Prison cell block (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Prison cell block
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Convicted terrorist Walid Daka – part of a terrorist cell responsible for kidnapping and murdering Israeli soldier, Moshe Tamam in August 1984 – was able to father a child despite the 2011 Supreme Court ruling he be denied visits by his wife, Walla reported on Tuesday.
Allegedly, Daka was able to smuggle his semen out of prison for his wife Sana Salameh to use. The baby girl was born on Monday in Nazarath. The Prison Authority claims that Daka is closely watched, and they are unaware of any such activity by him.
The brother of the late soldier Daka murdered, Oren Tamam, called the event “a dark day for the Prison Authority” and said that, to his regret, his brother never got a chance to form a family and bring a new life into the world.
As Salameh is an Israeli citizen, the baby girl is an Israeli as well, which means, according to Oren Tamam, she will get child support from the same Jewish state her husband wishes to destroy.
Tamam added that as Daka is up for release in a few years, his family will appeal to have the Israeli citizenship of Daka, his wife and their child revoked.
Salameh said that it is likely that the Israeli authorities are going to attempt to “monitor the wombs of Arab women” and might pass a law that pregnant Arab women be punished or jailed.
Asad Daka, the prisoner's younger brother, argued that while his brother was denied visits by his wife, the murderer of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yigal Amir, is allowed to see his wife and father a child with her.    
Daka became fairly well known in Israel when Arab-Israeli writer Bashar Murkus wrote a play called A Parallel Time which uses letters written by him.
The play was produced at the Haifa Al Midan theater and led to allegations the theater is pro-terror and eventually, in 2019, it was shut down.