A WORKER STANDS next to a newly built section of the US border fence at Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Close to 1,000 migrant children separated by Trump yet to be reunited with parents

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said on Thursday of the 998 children still separated, 148 were in the process of reunification.


Three arrested on suspicion of shooting and killing relative in Lod

Police suspect the murder occurred because of an internal family conflict.

Israeli daycare abuse: Mother, daughter get 5.5 years for striking kids

Footage shows how the caretakers abused the children by violently tugging their hair back and forth, pushing them to the ground, striking them, flinging them in the air and smacking them on the head.

Iran forces plane to land to stop protester's family from leaving

Iranian soccer star Ali Daei's wife and daughter were removed from a plane heading to Dubai.

 A SAFE person acts as your cheerleader and wants what is best for you.

Who are the people in your lives that make you feel safe?

Whom can you reach out to, should you ever need to? Who makes you feel safe and why? In what way do they contribute to your well-being? 


EMT saves 95-year-old grandmother during family Hanukkah dinner

Rafael rushed over to where to commotion was and found his 95-year-old grandmother who looked pale, choking on some of the food that she just ate during the dinner.

What is the secret to Adele's longevity?

Asked about her wry sense of humor, passed down from generation to generation, she says: “I’m glad I’m responsible for something good.”


Parashat Vayeshev: The cost of an educational mistake

It seems that Jacob saw Joseph as his first son, despite the sons Leah bore before him. It is no wonder that this attitude led to tremendous tension between Leah’s sons and Joseph.

The Oppenheims utilize their whole family to run Tel Aviv’s popular Bodega burger bar

The Oppenheims’ affinity for serving quality food predates both Crave and Bodega by roughly 90 years.

By Sam Halpern

Words move hearts - short story

The writer composed this piece 35 years ago and felt it was time to bring it into the light.

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