Coronavirus Passover: Why is this year different from all others?

Holiday guidelines from the Health Ministry

A seder plate (photo credit: JTA)
A seder plate
(photo credit: JTA)
As the Health Ministry strives to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus pandemic across Israel, it has issued a list of guidelines in conjunction with the Chief Rabbinate to help keep Israelis safe.  
Why is this Passover different from all others before it?
This Passover:
1. We will celebrate in our own homes and only with our nuclear families.
2. None of our dishes or other utensils will be kashered and no hametz will be burned outside of our homes.
3. We will not hire outside cleaning help but will clean our homes on our own with store-bought bleach or other cleaning products.
4. We will order our groceries to be delivered. 
“This Passover, send love remotely through Zoom or phone calls,” the ministry advised, adding that if for any reason people leave their homes, they should wear a face mask and stay two meters from anyone they encounter. The ministry said people should pray alone, refrain from taking walks in nature or anywhere more than 100 meters from their homes. 
“Please obey the Health Ministry guidelines so that we can all celebrate together next year,” the Health Ministry wrote.