Court releases double-murder suspect in Jerusalem, so who did it?

The investigation is still under gag-order, yet residents of Armon HaNetziv neigberhood are still scared.

Crime scene [illustrative] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Crime scene [illustrative]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Police arrested a suspect in the double murder of the Kaduri couple last month, but he was released by the court, the Jerusalem magistrate court cleared for publication Thursday.
The police requested to delay the decision and will appeal to the district court. The suspect is a cleaner who works in the building in which Tamar and Yehuda Kadouri were found dead in the Armon Hanatziv neighborhood.
Police sources believe that the suspect is not the killer, but the police will anyway ask for him not to be released. The investigation is being conducted under a gag order and its details are still confidential.
Yehuda, 71, and Tamar, 67, Kaduri were found dead in their apartment last month. The couple had not been seen for several days, rescuers broke into their apartment and discovered their bodies with marks of violence on them.
A team of fire fighters entered the apartment through the balcony of the house, where they found the body of Yehuda laying in puddle of blood and, in another room, they found Tamar, in a similar blood puddle. The investigation revealed that the couple was murdered.
Relatives of the couple claimed the murder was an act of terror committed by an Arab. "This neighborhood is, unfortunately, destined for trouble," said Yehuda's sister Rachel Levy. "There were so many terrorist attacks in this neighborhood that it's impossible to count them, two years ago there were soldier stabbings [the] neighborhood."
She said that there are many Palestinian residents of Jerusalem living near by and "everything could [happen]."
A few days after the murder, Levy said, "I very much hope that the police solve this murder... I think this is something nationalistic, on the same street a girl was stabbed 36 hours earlier." She added that "you [the media] know more than we do about what happened there, and I would be happy if they updated us more."