4 reasons why Israel is the perfect place for your spontaneous vacation!

Be it the pulsing nightclubs in Tel Aviv or the rolling emerald hills of the Golan—Israel offers a unique vacation that caters to every kind of traveler.

Kibbutz Be’eri Cycling Routes (photo credit: ILAN SAHAM - KKL-JNF PHOTO ARCHIVE)
Kibbutz Be’eri Cycling Routes
You know that familiar feeling, the itch you get to see the world and explore exotic destinations. That is your wanderlust calling, and Israel is the answer.
And the best part? No more fussing with local currency! Credit cards are accepted in thousands of retail centers and destinations across the country.
Be it the pulsing nightclubs in Tel Aviv or the rolling emerald hills of the Golan—Israel offers a unique vacation that caters to every kind of traveler.
The All-Encompassing:
1.  Want an experience that everybody in your family from your littlest travelers to grandma and grandpa can enjoy? Check out U Coral Beach Club in Eilat. Winner of the Trip Advisor “Travelers’ Choice” award in 2015 and 2016, the all-inclusive resort offers something special for everyone.
Located conveniently on the Almog Beach, the resort amenities include beach as well as pool access and is renowned for its kid-friendly atmosphere which include activities such as a gymnastic flying trapeze to keep them entertained all day while you enjoy a luxurious treatment at the hotel’s spa.
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2.  Gather up the whole brood and head to the Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Safari for a day of fun that will appeal to everyone.  The zoological center, “Africa in the heart of Israel” is housed on 250 acres of land in between the urban metropolises and offers attendees the opportunity to experience first-hand the lives of animals on the African savannah in their natural habitat.
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Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Safari .(photo credit: HTTP://WWW.SAFARI.CO.IL/)Tel Aviv-Ramat Gan Safari .(photo credit: HTTP://WWW.SAFARI.CO.IL/)
The Young at Heart:
1.  Looking for a little adventure? Head up north to the luscious and green Hula Valley where you can experience the beauty of Israel’s most famous river with Jordan River Rafting.
You and all your friends can pile into kayaks and enjoy the serene calm of the river and maybe even splash about a bit.
For an added measure of excitement, be sure to request the paintball option!
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Jordan River Rafting.(photo credit: Courtesy)Jordan River Rafting.(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Cultural Connoisseur:
1.  If you’re feeling like being pampered, then sign up for Israel Wine Tour’s Carmel Region Wine Tour. The tour includes such destinations as Portman Boutique Winery in the Haifa Bay, the Bar Maor Winery, and the Somek Winery in the town of Zichron Ya’akov, which has playfully been referred to as Israel’s Napa.
Each winery offers a unique perspective on modern Israeli winemaking and the legacies of the wineries as they were passed down from generation to generation.
Accepts credit card? Yes. Private tours by appointment only.
Israel Wine Tour’s Carmel Region Wine Tour(photo credit: BARAK YITZHAKI)Israel Wine Tour’s Carmel Region Wine Tour(photo credit: BARAK YITZHAKI)
2.  For the crème de la crème of experiences for the cultural connoisseur the new hot spot is the Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. Built to resemble the charming market streets in Europe, the Sarona complex offers a bustling walkway of gourmet shops and restaurants from renowned Israeli chefs while the outside includes high-end retail stores, play structures and stretches of shaded areas perfect for quaint picnics.
Grab a glass of Israeli wine and gourmet cheese from inside, spread out a blanket on one of the many manicured lawns, and enjoy the pleasant joie-de-vivre.
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Sarona complex.(photo credit: HTTP://SARONAMARKET.CO.IL/EN/)Sarona complex.(photo credit: HTTP://SARONAMARKET.CO.IL/EN/)
The Sport Seeker:
1.  Maybe you are seeking a true adrenaline rush: skydiving with the Tzanchania over the coast of Akko and the beaches of Achziv is what you need.
With the accompaniment of professional instructors, you can jettison yourself from a plane at an altitude of 11,000 feet and take in the breath-taking scenery of the Northern coast of Israel.
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Skydiving with the Tzanchania.(photo credit: Courtesy)Skydiving with the Tzanchania.(photo credit: Courtesy)
2.  You can also bring out your sporty side at the Kibbutz Be’eri Cycling Routes. The kibbutz’s tracks present a breathtaking landscape for all levels of cyclers with its stretches of countryside fields, troves of forests, and if you come in the winter, you’ll benefit from the striking seasonal bloom of the red wildflowers. Head to the kibbutz’s cycling store “L’Medavesh” as an excellent starting point to start your tour!
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Compiled by Hannah Broad and Karat.