A cut above

Mr. and Mrs. Lee takes Asian cuisine to a high level.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee (photo credit: PR)
Mr. and Mrs. Lee
(photo credit: PR)
Located in the heart of North Tel Aviv, in the G Tzameret boutique mall, Mr. and Mrs. Lee is definitely a cut above your typical Asian restaurant.
It is run by chef Shaul Ben Aderet of the Blue Rooster (next door on the same floor). Patrons are greeted by a welcoming ambience, modern decor and a spacious dining room, including an outdoor terrace with a long bar.
Menus were handed to us, glasses of water were filled, and we started going through the options in an attempt to narrow down our choices. Deciding on what to order was really difficult. The menu was huge, and everything looked appetizing. As always, I made sure to over-order to ensure that I could try as many items as possible in one sitting.
While waiting for our dinner, we started off with some interesting and cocktails. I particularly enjoyed the Sanche, a blend of tequila, mango and yuzu, which was served along with a small bottle of lemon juice infused with a large red chili pepper.
We began our meal with the steamed lamb buns (NIS 54) with fried shallots and Korean vinaigrette.
The buns were light and fluffy, while the lamb was nicely grilled, partially fatty and tender.
Next up was the crispy chicken spring roll (NIS 49) with mint, cucumber, kaffir lime and Thai chili sauce. The rice paper was not thick (better for frying) nor too thin (breaks apart too easily) but just the right consistency to hold everything together. The dipping sauce was exceptional, perfectly balancing savory and sweet.
The sushi pizza (NIS 56), the restaurant’s signature dish, gets points for being fun. The crust was made of deep-fried rice and was topped with salmon, avocado, mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I enjoyed the pairing of textures, but the overall taste of the dish fell a bit short. In the end, we preferred the sushi rolls. The rainbow roll was tasty and very pretty to look at.
After a bit of a breather, we were served the Thai chicken curry (NIS 74). The curry was delectable and fragrant, infusing the chicken and vegetables with that deep earthy flavor that I love in a masterful curry. The texture was not too watery nor too thick, just right.
The dish definitely had a kick but was not overpowering.
Next up was the homemade noodles (NIS 82), which consisted of stir-fried egg noodles with beef fillet cuts, vegetables, sweet soy and Thai chili. As I savored each bite, I marveled at the texture of the noodles and the flavor of the sauce. The beef was thinly sliced and nicely charred.
Last, we tried the crispy chicken (NIS 89) in soy-honey and ginger.
The chicken was very crisp on the outside but moist and delicious on the inside.
When I didn’t think that I could take another bite, they brought out dessert. We somehow managed to polish off the frozen creme brulee. Absolutely great.
Overall, Mr. and Mrs. Lee is great place to sit, relax and enjoy good food and good company.
The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Not kosher 10 Nissim Aloni, Tel Aviv Tel: (03) 744-4345