Acting out

Mega-star Sia performs in Tel Aviv as part of her worldwide tour.

Sia (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)
Pop fans will turn out in droves on Thursday to see Sia, the Aussie singer/ songwriter turned chart-smasher.
More accurately, they will turn out to hear her, not see her. The singer is as famous for hiding her visage behind giant, stylized wigs as she is for her powerful voice, which she pushes to the limit in emotional performances.
Unlike other mega-stars, Sia refuses to play the game. An amazing songwriter, it seems that at first that is all she wanted to do. But success sometimes comes to those who are not seeking it, and her music made her a huge star.
The mega-artist shies away from interviews and gossip columns, yet her fame seems to grow. In a very rare interview she gave to Phil Gallo (Billboard, October 2013), she said that “It shows the power of saying ‘No’” and confessed that she loves writing for others because it means “I get to sit at home with the dogs on the sofa, record in a closet in the office, send them off and, if I’m lucky, make a million dollars.”
She joked, and then concluded that “I don’t care about commercial success; I get to do what I love and communicate whatever I want.”
Indeed, Sia spent a career penning hits such as “Diamonds” for superstars such as Rihanna, not to mention Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Maroon 5. She was also known for dance collaborations, such as the club hit “Titanium” with David Guetta. With her breakout hit “Chandelier” in 2014, the spotlight focused squarely on her.
A recovering substance abuser, Sia worried that she wouldn’t handle fame well, so she went out of her way to ensure that she wasn’t instantly recognizable. Her videos often feature dancers such as child sensation Maddie Ziegler or well-known Hollywood actors.
She has been known to sing with her back to the audience in live televised performances.
The global tour she is doing is in support of her latest album, This Is Acting, which is comprised of songs that were rejected from other artists’ records (not because they were poor quality but because they didn’t fit into the particular projects). Songs such as “Alive,” “Unstoppable” and “Cheap Thrills” are uplifting power ballads that address themes such as overcoming adversity and taking joy in the simpler things in life.
“I was born in a thunderstorm / I grew up overnight / I played alone / I’m playing on my own / I survived,” she croons on “Alive.”
Sia has described the current tour as “a pretty weird ride,” telling ABC that “it’s an unusual experience, but even kids like it.”
Israeli fans will surely not be disappointed, as Sia’s powerful vocals will be live, her signature wigs will be on full display, and a team of dancers will provide visual expression at Hayarkon Park.
Sia performs on Thursday evening at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv. For tickets, call *2207 or go to