All is not lost

Belgian DJ and music producer Lost Frequencies brings his unique sound to Tel Aviv.

DJ/music producer Lost Frequencies (photo credit: Courtesy)
DJ/music producer Lost Frequencies
(photo credit: Courtesy)
You may not know his name yet, but you know his music. Belgian DJ/Producer Felix Safran De Laet, aka Lost Frequencies, has had two huge hits in the past two years. The first, “Are You With Me,” was a remix of a song originally sung by country crooner Easton Corbin. Following on the heels of that success, Lost Frequencies released the single “Reality,” which became another chart-topper. On January 19, Lost Frequencies will play at the Barby Club in Tel Aviv. The tropical house beat master sat down with The Jerusalem Post to talk about Belgian music festivals, mixing deep house with country and returning to Tel Aviv for his first show.
Can you talk about your musical background and how you became a producer?
I really like every style of music, or at least I try to! I think it can always help you open your mind to new sounds after the production of a track. But then of course, I love electronic music. It is the kind of music I used to listen to a lot when I was younger, so when I got my first computer, I immediately started to check out how I could produce music myself. I first started using Garageband, which is a program that comes with OSX on Mac, but it didn’t last long before I evolved to other programs like Logic. I then started my project “Lost Frequencies” and a few months later, the story begins!
What is the music scene like in Belgium?
People in Belgium really love music, you can tell by all the famous festivals we have during the summer: Tomorrowland, Dour Festival, Pukkelpop, Rock Werchter, Les Ardentes and more. People all around the globe come here to enjoy some of the best festivals, and that is awesome. I’m really proud of it of course, even though I am more from the electronic music scene. As an electronic music fan, there is always something to do in Belgium, which is pretty cool.
With your single, ‘Are You With Me,’ you remixed a country song, which is an unlikely choice for a house DJ, some would say, and it was a huge, huge hit! How did that come about?
Well like I said earlier, I like to listen to every style of music because it can help in your productions and that is exactly what happened with “Are You With Me.” I don’t really care if it’s a country track, I just loved it and that’s why I remixed it. It was all about the fact that I love the original version so much, not about “I hear a hit here” and I think that’s what people liked in my version, it was different from what people are sometimes used to; a mix between deep house and country, why not?
Do you have plans to do more unique remixes in the future?
I’m more focused now on producing original tracks, to show people I can also compose music by myself. That is important for me.
Is there a Lost Frequencies album in the works?
Yes! I’ve produced a lot of tracks and I’m really excited to share them with the world. I tried to push the limits of this genre of music; tried to do it in another way and worked with artists, not the big artists, but artists I love, so I hope people are going to like my work.
It seems like you have so much freedom in your work. You can sample any instrument you choose, work with anyone from singers to rappers. What is your favorite part?
I love the part when I make the instrumental, when it’s all up to me and I create the feeling you will get when you listen to the track. Then, when I put the vocals over the track and work with the vocalist, the track is taken to another level and I just love it.
Can you talk about your creative process in general?
I don’t have a strict “creative process.” Sometimes I have an idea about a specific sound I’m going to use, or a specific melody, or drums, and then the tracks evolve. Sometimes I even get vocals and I work the track around the vocals. It changes from time to time.
What’s the message of your music?
I don’t think I really put a message in my music, I just love to produce and that’s what I do. When I write lyrics, I try to think as if I’m someone else, because I don’t really like to write about me. So yes, I think my music is more something where you can decide by yourself what it means, and I will be OK with that.
You’re playing in Tel Aviv on January 19. Is this your first time playing in Israel?
Yes, it is! I already came to Tel Aviv before, and it is an impressive city. I’m really looking forward to coming back as an artist now. I hope people are going to enjoy my set as much as I’ll enjoy playing.
What can fans expect who are coming out to the show?
It will be a DJ set where I will mix older Lost Frequencies tracks with new deep-house beats. I will try to make the people in the crowd discover some new music.
Do you listen to any Israeli music?
Well I know Borgore of course. I used to listen a lot to his music and my style preference changed and evolved a little over time. But I don’t think I know other Israeli music, I’ll have to check some out on my trip.
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