Diddy’s Israeli connection?

Rapper’s son wears jersey with Hebrew writing.

Meek Mill is seen wearing a Hebrew-emblazoned shirt reading ‘Ovadia and Sons.’ (photo credit: INSTAGRAM)
Meek Mill is seen wearing a Hebrew-emblazoned shirt reading ‘Ovadia and Sons.’
(photo credit: INSTAGRAM)
Does Diddy speak Hebrew?
Israeli fans of American rapper Diddy – alternatively known as Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy and his birth name, Sean Combs – were surprised to see him post a photo on Instagram Sunday in which his son was wearing a Hebrew-emblazoned shirt.
The post, which was liked 41,000 times, features Diddy and two of his sons, Christian and Justin. Justin, 23, is wearing a shirt clearly emblazoned with Hebrew writing reading “Ovadia and Sons,” and a logo of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team.

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While some Israeli fans thought Justin was sporting a Beitar jersey, the look is actually from the New York-based fashion house Ovadia & Sons. The design house was started in 2011 by Jerusalem natives and twin brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia.
Among many items available on the Ovadia & Sons website, the “Betar Soccer Jersey” retails for $225. The team’s actual jersey goes for NIS 229, approximately $65, on the team’s website.


The jersey is part of the Ovadia brothers’ Fall 2017 collection, which Vogue said was meant to recreate “their childhood, when they lived in Israel and were totally in thrall with their father, a professional soccer player and conscripted soldier.”
Last week, rapper Meek Mill also sported the hard-to-miss yellow jersey in several Instagram posts. Just one of those photos was liked more than 108,000 times.
Meek Mill has almost 12 million followers on the social media site.
While it might be a coincidence, Diddy does have Israeli ties that could have led his son to such sartorial decisions.
The rapper’s 2014 album, 11:11, was produced in collaboration with Israeli DJ Guy Gerber.