‘DocAviv’ added to Oscars qualifying list

Winning feature films from Tel Aviv festival are automatically eligible for Academy Awards.

A scene from the film 'Family in Transition' (photo credit: YESDOCU)
A scene from the film 'Family in Transition'
(photo credit: YESDOCU)
DocAviv, the annual Tel Aviv documentary film festival, has been included in the official festival-qualifying list for the 91st Academy Awards.
That means the winners of both the best international film award and the best Israeli documentary film award will be eligible for Oscar consideration this year.
In total, 28 festivals were listed this week by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as being eligible to submit their winners for an Oscar. DocAviv appeared on the list alongside the most prominent festivals in the world, including the Berlin International Film Festival, the Cannes International Film Festival and the Hong Kong International Film Festival.
DocAviv held its most recent festival last month, and those winning films are automatically eligible for an Academy Award nomination. This year, the winning Israeli film was Family in Transition, by Ofir Trainin. The movie, praised by the festival as being “an important and timely film,” follows family patriarch Amit through his transition into becoming a woman. The film was produced by YesDocu.
Trainin celebrated the news on social media on Thursday.
“Amazing news!” he wrote. “This is an incredible accomplishment for DocAviv...
thank you to DocAviv’s judges for choosing us as the winning film, and allowing us for now to daydream about how to attach a bow tie to a suit.”
The DocAviv best international film award this year went to a movie from Denmark by Simon Lereng Wilmont, titled The Distant Barking of Dogs.
The Academy Awards approved a rule change back in April, that will help level the playing field for international films.
Previously, nominees for the documentary feature category had to complete a seven-day theatrical release in both New York City and Los Angeles County. The qualifying festivals were released by the academy this week.
A shortlist of 15 documentary film nominees is expected to be released by the end of the year.