Freedom of movement

This season’s fashions are light, bright and fancy-free.

Yosef collection (photo credit: PR)
Yosef collection
(photo credit: PR)
In Israel, Passover is the celebration of two important events. The first is the Jews’ exodus from Egypt and their ensuing freedom, a tale we recount once a year to the tune of crackling matzot and the pouring of wine. The second is the arrival of spring.
Although we sing “Spring arrives, Passover is coming,” every Israeli knows that Passover marks the beginning of the hot months. The local fashion community relishes this time of year in the swapping of sweaters for T-shirts and the welcoming of new trends to take us through the long summer.
For your spring shopping list, there are three fun and fancy-free trends to look for: White is the new black; embroider everything; and a puff of fluff! If Gindi Fashion Week in Tel Aviv was any indication (and it almost always is), white is the new black this season. In runway show after show, designers such as Victor Bellaish, Tamara Salem and Sabina Musayev presented collections chock full of chalky-white fabrics.
The icing on the cake was veteran designer Yosef’s collection, which featured white looks almost exclusively.
Models strutted down the runway in white jodhpurs, gowns, overalls and tops, adorned with white hair accessories and earrings by origami artist Merav Peleg.
Even Avishag Arbel, noted maternity designer, has gone white as well. In a recent capsule collection she created with fashion icon Meital Weinberg, Arbel extended the white trend to pregnant women via elastic- topped maternity jeans in white denim.
“There’s no reason that a pregnant woman shouldn’t be wearing white,” a very pregnant Weinberg said at a press gathering at the Artemisia Gallery in south Tel Aviv.
Now, many may say that white is not a practical color for clothing, and the truth is that wearing it does require a certain kind of decorum. However, in the spirit of feeling free to wear what we like without worrying about stains, white is the way to go.
On the flip side of the loose, uncomplicated white trend, another aspect of freedom is popping up all over the place. This new trend, embroidered everything, is a throwback to an era of free love, namely the 1960s.
While the runway gets whitewashed, shopping malls are getting a generous dose of handicrafts. Be it on jeans, boots or leather jackets, embroidery is turning up on everything.
A great example of this trend can be found at Top Shop. The British retail giant recently launched its spring/summer campaign. If it evokes anything, it’s Woodstock, New York, summer of 1969. In keeping with the brand’s time-tested silhouettes, the Top Shop designers opted to embellish mom jeans, denim jackets and sweatshirts with embroidered details. Other places to find this look are at Zara and Mango, each of which is featuring collections that abound with hand stitching.
In the most cliché vignette of a seductress, a sultry woman is wearing a silk robe and slip-on high heels with a little puff of fluff at the top. Well, delete everything in that picture but keep the puff of fluff, and you have this summer’s hottest shoe. For years, the Adidas slide has been a hipster staple. Worn with or without socks, the plastic symbol of 1970s athletics strangely works with just about anything. Recently, the iconic shoe has gotten a vamped-up makeover, a marriage between the seductress’s footwear and the flip-flop.
The shape has remained the same, but where you would expect to see three Adidas stripes, a sassy plume of faux fur flutters in the breeze. These sandals are a great, easy to wear, throw-on addition to any outfit – comfortable and flirty. A cute rendition of this trend – furry pink slides – can be found at Castro stores and online.