Fresh fare on Frishman

Sushi Bar Bazel offers a delectable array of Japanese dishes.

Sushi Bar Bazel (photo credit: PR)
Sushi Bar Bazel
(photo credit: PR)
If you’re looking for an authentic Japanese food experience, Sushi Bar Bazel is as good as it gets.
From the different types of sake to the sushi, the Asian eatery nails every detail. Two years ago the restaurant relocated to Tel Aviv’s trendy and eclectic Frishman Street. For many years it was located on Basel Street and was one of the first successful sushi restaurants in Tel Aviv, with another branch in Ramat Hasharon.
The dark, modern interior sets a pleasant tone for an intimate meal.
Patrons can choose to sit at the bar watching the sushi master in action or at the wooden tables inside, as well as one or two in a quiet little back garden. The restaurant is not overly large, so it has a cozy atmosphere. It definitely takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We began our meal with the chicken gyoza (NIS 30). The four dumplings were flavorful, delicious, and moist even without the accompanying dipping sauce.
Not too greasy and nicely crisped on the edges. This was followed by the negi niku maki (NIS 46).
The five pieces of thinly sliced entrecote steak were tender, the fresh-squeezed lemon sauce was smooth, and the green onion and asparagus were fresh and crisp.
The variety of sushi at Bazel appears endless, but we sampled some of the most interesting combinations. First up was the tuna tataki (NIS 55), which consisted of spicy tuna, tobiko and green onion wrapped with seared tuna. The tuna was perfect in texture, almost buttery. You could tell that it was a fatter, richer cut of the tuna rather than the lean, tasteless part that many restaurants use.
This was followed by the special salmon inari (NIS 52). It consisted of salmon, cucumber, green onion and avocado wrapped with seared salmon and strips of inari tempura.
According to our lovely waitress, this is the restaurant’s most popular sushi dish, and I could see why. Not only was it beautiful in presentation, but it had great flavor and balance. The inari added a nice crunchy texture to the roll. I would go back just to eat that roll.
For the last item, we decided to try one of Bazel’s hot dishes. We chose the grilled salmon pieces (NIS 65) with cabbage, carrot and green onion in a miso-type broth.
The salmon was grilled just perfectly and was deliciously seasoned – not too overpowering.
The fish literally fell apart from the smallest pressure of my fork.
For dessert, we shared a dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake was melt in your mouth good – very rich, very basic and very sweet.
The meal was topped off with a cup of steaming hot jasmine tea.
The whole flowers floated in the teapot, expanded and imbued the tea with their exotic fragrance.
Overall, if you are looking for sushi that tastes great and is visually appealing, then Sushi Bar Bazel is the place for you. You will not be disappointed The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
Sushi Bar Bazel
Not kosher
20A Frishman Street, Tel Aviv
Open noon to midnight