From falling four stories to falling in love

Who would expect that the Israeli actress would mend her broken heart while recovering from serious physical wounds?

Lucy Dubinchik (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Lucy Dubinchik
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Israeli actress Lucy Dubinchik found new love while recovering in the hospital, after falling four stories from a Jaffa building early August.

Israeli media reported that Dubinchik met her soon-to-be husband, Hagay Fox, in the orthopedic ward of Tel Aviv’s Ichilov hospital, in a real life romantic drama that includes a quick engagement to wed.
Reported to be inseparable, Fox, divorced with a child, visits the Israeli actress at the hospital on a daily basis, after being released himself.
Lucy also has a young girl, Alma, who has inherited her mother's star quality genes, as seen in an Instagram post of the young girl in a musical performance in the Tel Aviv hospital room.



This new love ad upcoming marriage comes after Lucy broke off her previous engagement to international fashion photographer and model in March, after being engaged for only two months.
Lucy Dubinchik, 34, is best known for her 1996 role in Saint Clara where she won the Ophir Award for best feature film.
Friends and family of the actress have visited her in recovery, including classmates from Nissan Nativ Acting Studio, where Dubinchik graduated from in 2002.


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