Gal Gadot hosts Saturday Night Live, sends a message in Hebrew to her Israeli fans

"They have me eating hummus in every sketch."

Gal Gadot's opening monologue on SNL, October 7, 2017. (YouTube/ Funny Moments)
For those eager fans at home hoping Gal Gadot would bring Israeli pride to Saturday Night Live this week, they were not disappointed.
The Rosh Ha’ayin native, the first-ever Israeli to host the live comedy sketch show, showcased her home country from the moment she got on stage.
“Yes, I know, I have an accent.
Obviously I’m not from here,” she said at the top of her monologue.
“That’s right – I’m from Albuquerque.”
“No, just kidding,” she continued, “I’m from Israel and this is so exciting for me, because tonight’s show is being broadcast live in Israel for the very first time. Hi Imma, hi Abba,” she said, calling out to her parents in Hebrew. With that, Gadot decided to send a special message to her Israeli fans, speaking in Hebrew to the camera.
“Hi to everyone at home, I just want to say that... this could be a huge mistake,” she said in Hebrew, with English subtitles on the screen.
“The writers don’t have any idea what’s happening in Israel, and in every sketch they have me eating hummus. I mean, I love hummus, but come on! They’re very nice, but not very sophisticated. They think I’m actually Wonder Woman. In short, wish me luck!”
Gadot, who rocketed to fame after playing Wonder Woman in the feature film this summer, gamely played a wide range of characters throughout the sketch show, from Kendall Jenner to an international spy, a daytime talk show host and a clueless woman on a date with OJ Simpson after his release from prison. Gadot even reprised her superhero character in a sketch about two lesbians landing on the mythical island of Themyscira. In that scene, she shared a steamy kiss with SNL cast member Kate McKinnon that lit up social media.
The show started on a more somber note, with an opening from Jason Aldean, the country music singer who was performing in Las Vegas on Sunday when a shooter opened fire on the music festival and killed 58 people. Aldean paid tribute to the victims, and then sang I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty, the legendary singer who died this week.
Gadot ended out the show as usual with thank yous for the cast and crew and a thank you “to Lorne for making this happen for me.”
The Israeli actress – who isn’t known for her comedy chops – got mixed reviews for her turn as host.
The Guardian said her “enthusiasm seemed genuine,” though they said she is “not very funny and nor are the people who wrote her monologue... It was unclear whether she was really not funny or if someone at SNL had decided she wouldn’t be allowed to be.”
The AV Club’s review said Gadot “was a gamer, but she’s not a comedian. Like, at all.” The reviewer added that “as the episode unfolded, it became clear pretty quickly that Gadot was best served as foil to the funny people.
Both USA Today and Entertainment Tonight, however, called part of her monologue, when she was confronted by a “Times Square Wonder Woman,” “hilarious.”
The show was broadcast live on yesComedy in Israel and will be available on yesVOD.