Gal Gadot slips into 'Hebrew in Entertainment Weekly' interview

Gadot reprises her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming film "Wonder Woman 1984," which will be released worldwide on June 5.

Gal Gadot (photo credit: REUTERS)
Gal Gadot
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Gal Gadot graces the cover of the current issue of Entertainment Weekly in her starring role in the upcoming film, Wonder Woman 1984, which will be released worldwide on June 5.
But as polished as she looks in her cover photo, she slips into Hebrew during a video interview about the film that was released with the cover story. 
The article is all about the film, which features Gadot reprising her role in the 2017 hit Wonder Woman, playing the super heroine, who is also known by her cover identity, Diana Prince.
Gadot sits down with the director, Patty Jenkins, and her co-stars, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal in an “Around the Table” video interview available on Entertainment Weekly’s website. 
The Israeli star, whose English is extremely good and whose accent is minimal as well as cute, does make one mistake as she speaks, which leads her to speak in her first language for a moment.  
“It’s a really good movie. We’ve shot it for eight months, we busted our asses and I gotta say, that it was a great experience. There’s always, you know, you’re always nervous, doing, making another – I hate to say ‘sequel,’ but it is – but we got into this with so much ambitious,” she said, rather than saying “ambition.”
The flub inspires her director and costars to giggle and Gadot asks, “What? Why are you laughing?” 
Leaning forward, Gadot switches to Hebrew, saying in her native tongue, “I’ll simply speak in Hebrew because then people will understand me more.”
Pascal says, looking at Pine, “I was hoping Chris wouldn’t have a reaction.”
Switching back to English, Gadot says to Pine, “What did you do to me?”
Jenkins explains, “Ambition versus ambitious, it just brought back memories for Chris.”
Talking about a mall that features prominently in the film’s trailer, Gadot says she once worked at a Burger King. Asked whether it was at the mall, she says no, laughing, adding: “But they have Burger King in malls.”
She remains silent as the rest of them talk about their experiences in malls in the 1980s and the brands they loved, but when the conversation turns to snap bracelets, she says, “That I remember. Finally, something I can relate to.”
Asked what era she would like to see the next Wonder Woman film set in, Gadot says, “Present day would be pretty awesome... Maybe future.”
In the new film, Diana, who is immortal, has left behind the tragic events at the end of the previous film, set in the World War I era. She has moved on to work at a natural history museum in 1984. Two new villains appear in her life. One is portrayed by Wiig, who also has a dual role as the quiet Barbara Minerva who befriends Diana and the evil Cheetah; the other is portrayed by Pascal, who plays Maxwell Lord, a wealthy infomercial guru of the type that emerged in the 1980s. Pine, who in the first film played her true love, Steve Trevor, makes a logic-defying reappearance in her life.
In the article, Gadot says, “I was born in ’85, but it’s funny, I really do remember... It was a such a standout decade as much as it goes with fashion, music, politics. And the look of everything! The colors.”
She also gushes about her working relationship with Pine: “There was no chemistry test!" she exclaimed: "Honestly, we just had it.”
Now that the new Wonder Woman movie has wrapped up production, Gadot is busy with a number of projects, including a series about Hedy Lamarr that she and her husband, Yaron Varsano, are producing.