Hazorfim - Creating original silverware for your Yom Tov table

An elegantly arranged holiday table, the gleam of new silverware – all at affordable prices. Hazorfim, now celebrating 70 years in business, is preparing for the holiday season with new collections.

HAZORFIM’S REFINED collections will add grace and beauty to your holiday table (photo credit: ALONA KARNI GELMAN/HAZORFIM)
HAZORFIM’S REFINED collections will add grace and beauty to your holiday table
As is customary for all of the holidays, Hazorfim is providing the public the opportunity to honor the High Holy Day season with a splendid holiday table decorated with unique silverware at affordable prices. From September 1, Hazorfim is offering a 30% discount on a variety of holiday items, including honey dishes, etrog boxes, goblets and wine decanters. Special pricing includes items from older collections as well as new and up-to-date articles.
The chain is also offering packages for perfect holiday gifts at prices ranging between NIS 200-400. These sets include fancy silver-plated honey dishes, silver-plated pomegranates, and honey from the Kfar Chabad boutique apiary.
Yaakov Merdinger, silversmith, artist and owner of Hazorfim, notes, “Today, more than ever, as more people gather to celebrate the holiday in their homes with their nuclear family, it is the perfect time to renew and rejuvenate with elegant silverware to honor the holiday table – at very attractive prices.”
Timeless design
Hazorfim opened its first store half a century ago. That started the development of the luxury chain which currently numbers 10 stores and galleries throughout Israel with five additional stores in the United States. Behind the scenes, Merdinger leads and guides more than 150 artists in workshops in Israel, Italy and Turkey, each year producing 400 new items made from pure sterling silver.
Hazorfim’s distinctive design gives its items a unique original design signature and has positioned it as a leading brand in the global silver market for decades.
Putting art on the table
Hazorfim, the leading international silverware brand, has long been an integral part of the Shabbat and holiday tables of thousands of families across the country and throughout the world.
In honor of Rosh Hashanah, the brand has launched splendid collections suited for the holiday table, designed by Yaakov Merdinger. The seven chosen collections combine a variety of items, each in a uniform design language that creates a unique harmony to create a holiday table that inspires.
• The Carlos Collection is the very luxury of design and creation, based on a combination of round and square motifs, inspired by tables of nobles, counts, and kings.
• The Bellagio Collection is characterized by handmade decorations and inspired by Italian landscapes.
• The Prime Collection, created and inspired by the framework of the Jewish tradition, is characterized by holiday and joyous motifs. It combines the artistic silversmith work of flexible and soft ropes with a very high level of finish, including embossing, sculpture, soldering, and polishing by the world’s most expert silversmiths.
• The Chen Collection utilizes an ancient and intricate technique of hand-sawing of elaborate decorations that present the appearance of breathtaking lace.
• The Baron Collection features manual stamping with a matte finish, inspired by Nature and the lands of the barons immersed in green.
• The Primavera Collection, based on motifs from the flowering of nature, is created by stamping and then retouching and manual embossing.
• The Rose Collection is characterized by a combination of motifs of delicate and precise leaves and flowers, hand-designed in a special technique, designed jointly by silversmiths from Israel alongside well-known artists from Florence, Italy.
The advantage and novelty of these collections are in creating a uniform and elegant look for the holiday table that runs through all the dishes, rather than a random combination of individual items. It provides options for renewal and expansion of the collection every holiday by adding another spectacular item until the table is completed.
Hazorfim is continually working on adding items to each of the collections to enrich and expand the product range to all table details, such as kiddush goblets, wine-bottle stands, serving utensils, trays, napkin holders and salt shakers.  
Etrog box and honey dish, Rakia Collection (Credit: Alona Karni Gelman/Hazorfim)Etrog box and honey dish, Rakia Collection (Credit: Alona Karni Gelman/Hazorfim)
Quality with a guarantee
As a brand with an excellent reputation, Hazorfim does everything in its power to make sure that customers can protect their silverware for years to come.
To allow maximum enjoyment of an item to make sure that it looks its best for years, without time and effort spent in polishing, Hazorfim has developed an exclusive technology called HSP – Hazorfim Silver Protect – a protective layer to prevent blackening, which provides complete protection for the silverware for many years.
HSP is a new and revolutionary layer that is unlike other solutions that can damage the product and are often ineffective. The unique protection layer of Hazorfim Silver Protect offers an advanced coating that preserves the raw material for many years. There is no need to store the silverware in an airtight space.
Today, when time is of paramount importance, there is no doubt that this is a revolutionary development that will allow many homes to honor Shabbat and holidays with beautiful utensils without spending significant amounts of time on routine maintenance.
Speaking of maintenance, the versatility of silver as a raw material allows us to polish it and return it to its previous state. Sometimes the bother of dealing with silverware for repairs causes consumers to learn to live with flaws that have developed over time.
It is for this reason that Hazorfim offers home service for renovation, repair and even adding a coating of the new protective layer. As part of the service, a Hazorfim representative will come to your home, provide an estimate for the treatment of each item, gently pack and take your silver, and return it to you with an innovative protective layer that will provide many years of pure enjoyment.
Honoring the Torah
Along with spectacular collections for the home, the World Center for Torah Scrolls from Hazorfim offers an array of luxury products for Torah scrolls. The collection includes silver Torah scroll cases and a variety of complementary products that enhance the beauty of the Torah scrolls.
In preparation for the holidays, the World Center for Torah Scrolls from Hazorfim is proud to present a world-revolutionary innovation in the world of Torah scrolls. The case, made of pure silver from the smallest screw to the body of the case, is handmade and designed in an oval shape that is exceptionally comfortable to hold and carry. This unique case was designed, crafted, and created by special order for the “Helban,” Rabbi Haim Cohen, a well-known mystic who passed away about a year ago.
In his will, Rabbi Cohen asked that a Torah scroll be written in his memory, housed in a case made of pure silver. His children, who tried to fulfill his will, searched for such a case, but to no avail. Rabbi Cohen’s daughter eventually reached Yaakov Merdinger and told him that her father had appeared to her in a dream, reminding her of his wish. Yaakov promised to assist in the fulfillment of her father’s will.
Together with the team of silversmiths, they quickly designed and produced the unique Torah case, made of pure silver, in time for Rabbi Cohen’s first yahrzeit.
Hazorfim, which has distinguished itself in fulfilling the commandments with the utmost beauty, renews and creates magnificent collections of silverware for decorating Torah scrolls, customized for each individual.
For 70 years, Hazorfim has been creating artifacts that are an integral part of the Jewish tradition and identity of the Jewish people
Hazorfim items are available in the Hazorfim stores in Israel, the US and around the world and on the Hazorfim website, at www.hazorfim.co.il, which globally markets all of the brand’s products.
Translated by Alan Rosenbaum.
This article was written in cooperation with Hazorfim.