Health and beauty pleasures to get you through lockdown

This week look for a new perfect scent, indulge in new ice cream flavors, add some glamour with Beyonce’s makeup and don’t forget to trim your beard in style.

New store “Cooks & Looks” was opened just in time for those of us who have realized corona is here to stay at least for a little while longer (photo credit: EMILE HENRY GROUP)
New store “Cooks & Looks” was opened just in time for those of us who have realized corona is here to stay at least for a little while longer
(photo credit: EMILE HENRY GROUP)
Yes, we’re back in lockdown and need to keep safe – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. This week look for a new perfect scent, indulge in new ice cream flavors, add some glamour with Beyonce’s makeup and don’t forget to trim your beard in style.
Dead Sea premium cosmetic company -417 wants you to start the new year with the best products, for less. They offer many items at up to 50% reductions until the end of January. The special prices are available at Superpharm stores. From their collection don’t miss the special hydrating and line-filling cream at NIS 285 instead of NIS 380, or the body butter at NIS 50 instead of NIS 100.
The new anti-aging serum by L’Oreal Paris in the Revitalift collection is big news for those who swear by the line. The Revitalift Filler Serum, say the company experts, is the ultimate anti-wrinkle serum, charged with 1.5% pure Hyaluronic Acid to intensely hydrate and re-plump skin. The formula contains two types of Hyaluronic Acid for high performance. Macro Hyaluronic Acid molecules are larger and sit at the top of the skin’s surface to boost with hydration, while small Micro Hyaluronic Acid molecules penetrate deeper into the epidermis to boost from within. Smooth, non-greasy and non-sticky, the formula absorbs quickly so it can be layered with your regular day or night care regime. Using a dropper to easily administer the precise amount and keep product strile, the results are impressive after only six weeks. NIS 110.
The new Air Volume Mascara by L’Oreal Paris has an especially light-weight formula that will not bring your eyelashes down but will make them look thicker and longer with one application. Known the world over as “Beyoncé’s mascara” and promoted also by Blake Lively, this popular mascara creates feathery lashes, is hypoallergenic and the applicator can “carry” more pigment than regular brushes. The metal-pink packaging is also uniquely shaped to make it stand out on the makeup rack. NIS 50.
Local teen makeup icon Aline Cohen joined forces with Be Pharm by Shufersal. Cohen launched in this framework a new Kapara Mascara. The mascara is black with a unique formula and special applicator brush developed in Italy, to provide long and voluminous eye lashes. NIS 119, available only at Be shops around the country.
Local cosmetic brand ‘ecoLove’ by Organiczone, has started to use only 100% recycled packaging for their products. The company, the first in Israel to market products in 100% recycled plastic containers, will be sold online with a green round label. Look for their excellent body wash for dry skin, shampoo for dyed hair and more. All of their products are made from natural plant-based organic ingredients, just the way we like them. NIS 29.90 for 500 ml. natural soap, shampoo and more. Available at nature shops such as Nitzat Haduvdevan, Anise, Teva Castel and Shufersal green.
Local premium cosmetics company GaDe (pronounced jade), has expanded its collection, introducing an even more effective serum – Goldpremium – that promises to redefine the jawline and firm skin while supplying it with deep hydration. Utilizing cutting-edge Swiss technology, the brand includes a biomimetic complex that helps drive the active ingredients into the skin for best results. Targeting listless, tired looking skin, this serum promises to re-sculpt your face. Give it a try. NIS 24. Available in pharmacies and beauty shops as well as online at
I am not a sports person, but the lockdown and the closure of all studios has forced even me to get out there for power walks. This is where good trainers as well as good socks come into play.
I never thought about it until I tried on the newly imported CEP compression socks. Made from a blend of materials that help prevent blisters while providing a perfect shoe-fit, they have built-in compression to relieve swelling and soreness, padding along the foot-bed to prevent blisters, climate management to cool feet, breathable yarn and compression on the foot for relief. I tried the CEP Compression No Show Socks for women, that have a sports show height with heel tab for a no-slip fit. Perfect. NIS 77 to NIS 86. The company offers a whole line of clothing items. Available online at
Have you noticed that most young men now have beards? This trend has been growing in recent years and now nearly all young men seem to be adopting it. Quick to notice are Gillette, who offer many exclusive products for hairy people in the King C. line, with the top products being a beard shaper with 11 different length options and 3 different combs. The beard trimmer is easy to use, allows for 50 minutes of cordless work, needs no change of blades and more. The young bearded guy who tested it for us was extremely pleased, saying it was easy to operate and gave him an “almost professional result.” He was sure that with practice he will get even better results. NIS 129 (instead of NIS 179.90). available at Superpharm stores and online.
Trying to stay “afloat” in the current lockdown, we decided to continue raising our glasses throughout the month of January – and what better drink than Russian premium vodka from Beluga made for the winter. The new special edition ‘Beluga Noble Winter’ was inspired by the world’s most beautiful snowy landscapes, with geometric shapes and touches of both silver and gold. NIS 155 for a 1-liter bottle.
A new online store is a must for all foodies and wanabees. The new store “Cooks & Looks” was opened just in time for those of us who have realized Corona is here to stay at least for a little while longer and feel that spending time at home should be made more enjoyable. The store was opened by cooking supply importers who usually sell only to professional kitchens but decided it was time to approach private customers and now offer dishes by Emile Henry (France) Churchill (England), Degrenne (France) and glasses by Bormioli Rocco and Luigi Bormioli (Italy) among others. Don’t miss it.
The new ‘Magnum’ ice cream pints are here and no matter how cold it is outside – resisting them is a real struggle. The new flavors, including classical vanilla with milk chocolate chips, vanilla almond with chocolate and sugared almonds, vanilla and white chocolate and vanilla white chocolate with cookies – are all do delicious they make ice cream a winter dessert as much as it is a summer one. No diet for us. Remove from the freezer a few minutes before eating and break the top chocolate disc with a spoon. Yummy.
Nicol introduced a product I have been waiting for for a long time – wet wipes that you can use to clean a window or a mirror that leave no marks. How clever is that? Often, especially when talking about kitchen windows or bathroom mirrors, you get small splatters that are hard to wipe out without having to wipe the whole window dry. The new wet-wipes by Nicol actually do the job very effectively and leave no marks at all. Another clever item in the Nicol wet wipes collection are the ones with added vinegar. I use vinegar in my regular cleaning for added shine and powerful gentle cleaning, but the wet wipes make it easier.
Does taking vitamins, especially vitamins C and D, help the body deal with corona and flu? Maybe. Some researchers say so and many also believe in taking a magnesium supplement. Instead of taking three tablets – Supherb, the largest supplement producer in Israel, now offers D, C and a magnesium supplement in one capsule. The new formula supports the body’s natural immune system, providing optimal doses recommended by the Health Ministry. Kosher Badatz, NIS 89.90 for 100 capsules. Available in pharmacies, Kupot and nature shops.
One of the advantages of wearing a mask and keeping social distance is the fact that one is spared smelling exactly what the person you happened to meet on the way to the supermarket had for lunch. But wearing a mask also means one gets to smell one’s own breath, and that means you have to make sure you have fresh breath. Orbitol had just introduced a new Shocking Fresh toothpaste and mouthwash with encapsulated mint that “explodes” in your mouth and keeps breath fresher for longer. Try it. NIS 14.90 for the toothpaste and NIS 19.90 for the mouthwash.
Local washing-detergent brand Sod has just launched the new ‘Fresh Control’ line of fabric softeners made with micro capsules that provide fresh scents for a longer time. There are two new scents in the line – Cool Fresh and Floral Crisp. Both were effective in neutralizing bad smells and adding very pleasant fragrances to laundry. NIS 13.90 for 900 ml., available in all supermarkets.
So we are at home, hopefully with our loved ones, but that does not mean that we should not care about wearing perfume. In fact, it seems perfumes were one of the most popular items people ordered online during lockdown around the globe. Marc Jacobs has launched a new fragrance, “Perfect,” which he says reminds him to be strong and better in this imperfect world. Leading the campaign will be Lila Moss, daughter of supermodel Kate Moss. The scent is very feminine, floral and comforting, opening with daffodil and rhubarb, heart of almond milk, cedar wood and cashmeran. The bottle’s cap is crowned with an eclectic multicolored collection of mismatched charms, all selected by the Marc Jacobs himself. Fun. NIS 399. Keep as a gift idea for a special occasion.