HBO Max buys Israeli television series dealing with on-the-spectrum adults

The series will also receive an English language remake which will air on Amazon.

 (photo credit: OHAD ROMANO)
(photo credit: OHAD ROMANO)
The adaptation and syndication rights to the Israeli television show On The Spectrum, which deals with the lives of adults on the autistic spectrum, has been purchased by HBO Max and will air both dubbed and subbed on that service, the production company announced on Friday.
The show, which was produced by the Israel media company "Yes," will be available on the streaming platform with an English dub, which will have voice actors who are also on the spectrum and trained by an NGO called Exceptional Minds, which trains those on the spectrum to work in media fields.
"On the Spectrum manages to reflect the zeitgeist of living as an adult with Autism, and by casting performers on the spectrum, the NGO manages to fulfill its vision," said David Siegel, executive director of Exceptional Minds.
The series will also receive an English language remake, which will air on Amazon.
The series itself deals with the lives of three individuals: Amit, who struggles with difficulties doing things such as understanding how to use the bus and buying things at the supermarket; Zohar, who is looking for love and wants a "regular" (neurotypical) boyfriend, and Ron-Ron, an avid viewer of the shopping and cleaning channel who typically remains at home.