The Valley of Elah

A mother's struggles as her autistic son is placed under lockdown.

Killing of autistic man by Israeli police draws George Floyd parallels

Both Floyd and Hallak were from communities that often complain of police brutality and racism.

Children with autism can learn social skills through peer interaction

This is especially important ahead of Autistic Pride Day, which comes out on June 18, and is a day to celebrate neurodiversity and awareness of those on the autistic spectrum.

BORDER POLICE secure the area outside Jerusalem’s Old City, where officers fatally shot a man they b
From institutions to Iyad al-Halak – the importance of inclusion

While people with special needs are no longer siloed in institutions, we are far from full acceptance of differently abled people.

Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Aryeh Stern visiting parents of Iyad al-Halak
Netanyahu: ‘Unjust’ Al-Halak killing a ‘tragedy’

Netanyahu expressed condolences to al-Halak’s family in the government’s name, and added that he thinks the entire Israeli public would do so, as well.

How raising an autistic son put me in coronavirus-like social distancing

After the birth of my son Jonathan, who turned out to have autism and severe epilepsy. I found myself, along with my family, going into quarantine and isolation from society.

A MUSLIM and a Jew work together to care for young adults with autism in ‘The Specials.’
World Autism Day: Coronavirus is a call for humane solutions

People with autism who are nonverbal and low functioning, sadly, may find themselves hospitalized and heavily medicated on locked wards of psychiatric hospitals.

I can’t see my son who has autism in person because of the coronavirus

While you may naturally want to flee from the forced intimacy of being nonstop with your kids, know that there are families who are suffering through this moment.

Special needs IDF solders work to pack coronavirus testing kits – watch

These soldiers, known as "Special in Uniform" soldiers, were recruited to the Health Ministry's logistics center due to their experience in preparing emergency and crisis kits.

Special-needs musicians to debut in Integrative Orchestra

Jerusalem Academy of Music and SHEKEL project with special-needs musicians to make its debut

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