Kim Kardashian to spend three days in Israel next month

The reality star said designing her own sunglasses line for Israeli brand Carolina Lemke 'was a really fun process.'

Kim Kardashian West shows off her Carolina Lemke sunglasses.  (photo credit: KRONUSSTUDIO)
Kim Kardashian West shows off her Carolina Lemke sunglasses.
(photo credit: KRONUSSTUDIO)
Kim Kardashian West will spend three days in March in Israel promoting her new line of sunglasses for the Israeli company Carolina Lemke.
The Israeli-based eyewear brand - partially owned by Bar Refaeli - announced on Thursday that Kardashian West will be in Israel from March 19-21. The supermodel and reality TV star will use the opportunity to unveil the range of glasses, which she designed for the Israeli brand. 
"Carolina Lemke really allowed me to express myself," said Kardashian West in a statement from the company. "Together we designed this collection from the beginning. I wanted to create a range of sunglasses, frames with a fashionable statement as well as more classic frames, because I always felt that fashion should be varied. This collection is for everyone, and everyone should feel like they're part of the conversation." 
The new collection is part of Carolina Lemke's push to enter the US market. The brand currently has dozens of stores in Israel and a handful across Europe. In September, Castro - the parent company of Carolina Lemke - revealed that Kardashian West will receive 10% of the shares of its sales efforts in the United States. Castro said that the brand is expected to spend between $20 million and $30 million to enter the American market. 
Kardashian West will also receive just under 5% of the proceeds from her own line of eyewear. Her collection will be available online starting February 27, and officially launch when she visits Israel. 
On Wednesday, the supermodel revealed details of the new collection to Vogue, including that all of the sunglasses in her line are less than $100. 
“It’s a little crazy how expensive designer sunglasses can get,” Kardashian West told the magazine. “Especially if you lose your sunglasses a lot, or if you tend to break them or scratch them. I felt like the quality [of these sunglasses] was so high-level, and the price point was really reasonable, and I really liked how open they were to different design ideas. We have such a range, from big shield glasses to more sporty glasses and ’90s shapes. It was a really fun process for me.”
An ad campaign for Carolina Lemke featuring Kardashian West alongside Refaeli will be released later this year.