Let someone else bake for you

Many bakeries offer rich collections of kosher-for-Passover desserts.

Dalal Bakery (photo credit: DALAL)
Dalal Bakery
(photo credit: DALAL)
 If the cake you planned for dinner collapsed, or the guest who promised to bring dessert canceled at the last minute – the easy solution is to pop over to the nearest bakery and buy something. Here are a few recommended options.
Shany Bakery
For the first time Shany, the popular bakery which originated in Haifa, will not close all of its branches for Passover. The bakery and the cafes owned by Shany underwent a complete cleaning and kashering for Passover and are offering a rich kosher-for- Passover collection to eat on premises or take home.
New for this year are macarons, truffles, brownies and chocolate balls. Other desserts in the collection include date cookies, pretzels, pound cakes, mousses and fruit cakes as well as gluten- and sugar-free cakes.
Prices range from NIS 39 to NIS 59.
Dallal Bakery
Aner Zalel, chief baker of Dallal Bakery in Tel Aviv, has prepared a collection of flourless desserts and gift boxes for the holiday.
The collection includes meringue “kisses,” coconut cookies, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes and mousses. Prices for cookies range from NIS 28 to NIS 39 for a box and the cakes are NIS 44 to NIS 145 for the mousse cake.
Dallal Bakery, Kol Israel Haverim, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv.
As it does every year, Roladin is offering a rich collection for those who do not wish to bake on Passover. This year’s dessert collection includes new parve items such as the gold chocolate cake, concord cake and more. Its dairy desserts include brulee caramel and mascarpone caramel as well as eight different types of macarons. Cakes start at NIS 45.