Nothing could be finer...

Than traditional American fare at the diner.

The Diner by Goocha (photo credit: PR)
The Diner by Goocha
(photo credit: PR)
In 2010, the owners of the well- known seafood restaurant chain Goocha decided to satisfy their need for traditional American diner food in Tel Aviv and opened The Diner. Since then, The Diner has been steadily growing in popularity, with people regularly lining up for its Sunday to Thursday “happy hour” special of two burgers for the price of one.
The interior has a modern design with a retro feel. We sat in a booth and began scanning the enormous menu, broken down into sections such as Brunch, Pasta, Prime Cuts, Chicken, Seafood and Burgers. We began our meal with the chicken Caesar salad (NIS 49). The romaine had a surprising sweetness that paired well with the not too creamy nor salty dressing, while the croutons were large and crunchy.
The roasted chicken breast was moist and juicy and well marinated. I would have liked the dressing to be a little thicker and have a little more substance. It seemed to have been pared down to be “healthy,” but I think when you order a Caesar salad you know what you’re getting into, so bring it on! This was followed by the buffalo chicken wings (NIS 38).
I am always hesitant to order wings because they are usually not cooked enough and have that raw fat on them. But these didn’t. The wings were seasoned well and fried perfectly crispy, even when eaten cold an hour later! After enjoying a cocktail or two, we were presented with the entrecote steak (NIS 117). Lightly charred and cooked to a beautiful medium rare, the entrecote could simply be cut like a hot knife through butter. The accompanying side of home fries were crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside.
The Diner is known for its burgers. With 10 different options of burgers with toppings ranging from battered crispy onions and Portobello mushrooms to smoked goose breast and grilled foie gras, it was a really tough choice. We decided to keep it simple and go with the classic cheeseburger (NIS 59). This burger was beyond words. The fact that the burger managed to stay together without falling apart was a testament to the well-selected bun. The meat was very flavorful, with no part overpowering or detracting from the overall goal of the burger. Each bite left me wanting more.
Last, we were served a 300 gr. chateaubriand (NIS 45 per 100 gr.). Seasoned well and grilled to a distinct pink, it was indeed a savory slab of tender meat.
Already bursting at the seams, we valiantly went on to dessert. First up was the banana Goocha waffle (NIS 43). This was a decadent plate of heaven. The waffle was warm and crispy and not too sweet because it came with just a drizzle of honey. I loved the caramel and toffee- drenched bananas and vanilla ice cream on top. We then tried the chocolate sundae (NIS 39). The dense chocolately brownie cubes were sinfully delicious, especially with the temperature contrast from the vanilla ice cream and the gooey hot fudge sauce. The writer was a guest of the restaurant.
The Diner by Goocha Not kosher 14 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv Tel: (03) 695-1990