Oscar and the Wolf returning to Tel Aviv

Belgian musician to headline musical evening in Hayarkon Park.

Belgian musician Oscar and the Wolf (photo credit: Courtesy)
Belgian musician Oscar and the Wolf
(photo credit: Courtesy)
A year after his first-ever concert in Israel, Belgian musician Oscar and the Wolf is returning to Tel Aviv – and this time to its biggest venue, Hayarkon Park.
Oscar and the Wolf, whose real name is Max Colombie, sold out Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv in 2017, and this time he’ll be the headlining act during a full night of music on September 15.
The 27-year-old singer has slowly become a big name at musical festivals around the world, and his singles “Strange Entity” and “You’re Mine” are hits among the indie set. He even received a shoutout from legend Elton John, who has repeatedly plugged the artist online and played his songs on his Apple Music radio show.
When Oscar and the Wolf returns to Tel Aviv this fall, he’ll be joined by a range of other musicians whose names concert organizers have promised to announce soon.
Tickets for the show are available via eventer.co.il and range from NIS 229-399.