Sip this: Cheers to a New Year

Welcome 2016 with local and imported sparkling wines.

Sparkling wine (photo credit: PR)
Sparkling wine
(photo credit: PR)
Whether you plan to celebrate the start of 2016 at home or at a party, New Year’s Eve always calls for champagne corks popping and bubbly flowing as the clock strikes midnight, offering new hope for better days.
Here are some options for kosher and non-kosher sparkling wines offered this year by local wineries and wine importers.
Known as the best bubbly made in Israel, the Yarden Blanc de Blancs 2008 presents aromatic lemon zest characters rounded out with notes of fresh flowers and green apples, plus hints of flint and fresh baguette. With a bit of graceful creaminess, this complex sparkling wine is crisp, elegant and drinkable. NIS 130. Kosher.
Other sparkling options from the Golan Heights Winery include Gamla Hashmura, priced at NIS 70, and the new project from the winery’s legendary winemaker Victor Schonfeld, which will be launched soon. The Kazrin Blanc de Blancs LD is a very special limited edition wine that will be sold for NIS 500 at the winery’s visitors’ center.
At a different price level, Iberica is a kosher cava from Spain’s Cataluña, produced in a traditional Champagne method. The cava is available in dry and semi-dry versions. Both are good options for your party at NIS 25.
Another option from the same importer is the popular Emiliano Italian red and rosé semidry Lambrusco. It is a light party wine with natural bubbles. Kosher. NIS 25.
The Jerusalem Winery recently started importing kosher sparkling wines from Spain – Cava Arnan Deloi Brut and semi-dry.
They are both wellbalanced wines that will be sold for NIS 30 at wine stores around the country or by calling 050-415-3000.
Cantina Gabriele Moscato is a sweet kosher slightly sparkling wine, with a straw-yellow color and a tropical fruit bouquet. Its fine flavor is fresh, well balanced and long-lasting. It goes well with desserts.
French winery J.P.Chent suggests the unheard of – drinking bubbly on the rocks. Their sparkling wine comes in pretty opaque pink and white bottles (for rosé and white wines), and they suggest drinking it as you would a cocktail or soft drink. NIS 39. Not kosher.
Shaked importers present for the holiday the Tommasi Pinot-Chardonnay, an elegant brut sparkling wine from Italy. Tommasi is a family-owned winery from northern Italy, and their wines are produced in the traditional Champagne method. It is a lovely crispy-fresh and very dry bubbly that is offered at NIS 70. Available at Derech Hayayin stores and other wine stores. Not kosher.
Vilarnau is a supreme cava house from Cataluña, Spain. If you like your bubbly very dry, try the Vilarnau Brut Nature Reserva – a delightful crispy-dry cava with typical aromas of yeast and green apples, with small bubbles and a lovely pale golden color.
Other options from Vilarnau are the Vilarnau non-vintage (NV) Brut and the Vilarnau NV semi-dry. Not kosher.
The Scottish Company imports Lanson Champagne – fresh, full-flavored classic French champagne. Try the Lanson Brut Rose Label (NIS 160 to NIS 240) or the excellent Lanson Brut Black Label, a non-vintage classic champagne. NIS 215. Not kosher.
If you prefer semi-dry, try the Ivory Label Demi Sec Lanson. The goldencolored champagne has ripe fruit aromas, cinnamon and honey and is perfect with fruit and desserts.
NIS 215. Not kosher. Available at Tiv Taam stores and other wine stores.
If you are flying abroad during December, don’t miss the champagne special at the James Richardson Duty-Free shops. Take advantage of their special 3+1 on all the champagnes. A very good price is offered on Mumm. Sold locally for NIS 199, it will be sold for $29.90 at the duty-free shops.