Star singer Shlomo Artzi longs for a social justice app

In his popular radio program singer, Shlomo Artzi suggested that after the Hebrew music app Shiri, that offers songs, the next step might be a social justice app.

Shlomo Artzi (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Shlomo Artzi
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Popular singer Shlomo Artzi used his well-liked radio program to muse about the possibility of creating a social justice app ahead of the upcoming April elections.
After the National Library released Shiri in February, a music app designed to help users hear Hebrew songs free of charge without commercial content, Artzi mused that it might be a good idea to create a social justice application.
The app “will help us separate wise ideas from ideas that are not so wise and spot fake leaders,” after all, he said, “we can’t import justice from overseas.”
Artzi mentioned two of his fellow musicians, Arkadi Duchin and Matti Caspi, in relation to how Israeli society treats the sick. Caspi recently spoke about his reduced health and complained that Bituach Leumi, the nation’s social security agency, refused to acknowledge him as suffering from severe limitations due to a disease he’s allegedly suffering from because he still performs.
Caspi claimed that he is performing because he is forced to in order to support himself in a Channel 13 interview he gave in February, and confessed to having suicidal thoughts. 
Artzi quoted from a text Duchin wrote him in which Duchin asked “does one have to be completely paralyzed to get support?”
“After all, life isn’t limited to a single moment in time,” Duchin went on to say.