The element of surprise

‘Horses in the Sky’ gallops toward its gala opening.

‘Horses in the Sky’ (photo credit: EYAL HIRSCH)
‘Horses in the Sky’
(photo credit: EYAL HIRSCH)
In a world flooded with information, is over-exposure canceling out the element of surprise? When we can see videos, images, quotes, statuses and comments about every event, big or small, before it has even taken place, are we erasing the unknown? Leading up to the premiere of his new work, Horses in the Sky, choreographer, scenographer, lighting designer and artistic director of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company Rami Be’er made a conscious decision to forgo the buzz of social media in favor of preserving a little mystery. Be’er, who has been at the helm of the troupe for 20 years, is keeping his lips and keyboard sealed. Aside from a few words and a handful of photographs, Be’er is keeping Horses in the Sky under lock and key until the gala performance and premiere on Sunday night at the Herzliya Performing Arts Center.
Based in Kibbutz Ga’aton, KCDC is home to 17 dancers from Israel and abroad. In addition to presenting performances throughout the country and farther afield, KCDC is a major force in Ga’aton’s International Dance Village, which hosts workshops, performances, intensives and the Journey program. This season, after extensive auditions, Be’er brought in four new dancers hailing from France, Korea, Holland and the US.
For the creative process of Horses in the Sky, Be’er invited photographer Eyal Harush into the studio. Harush’s images, which show the dancers both on and off stage, will be displayed and sold on Sunday night. All proceeds will go towards the educational programs of the International Dance Village.
Whereas many of his peers focus their energies solely on the composition and movement of their works, Be’er’s approach encompasses nearly every production element.
Aside from the costume design, Be’er engineers everything on stage in his creations. In Horses in the Sky, Be’er delved deep to touch on places he hasn’t reached before in his work, creating an esthetic that is raw, intimate and vibrant.
Following the gala evening, KCDC will present Horses in the Sky around the country, beginning at the Suzanne Dellal Center and continuing on to Beersheba, Modi’in and Ganei Hatikva.
The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company’s gala evening will take place on May 8 at the Herzliya Performing Arts Center. For more information, visit