The return of Superman? Henry Cavill hints caped days not over

The British actor who took on the role of Superman in 'Man of Steel' hinted that talks are being held about him reprising the role in a future film.

Superman (photo credit: GARETH SIMPSON/ FLICKR)
(photo credit: GARETH SIMPSON/ FLICKR)
British actor Henry Cavill might resume the role of Superman in a future DC movie, Variety reported on Wednesday.
Cavill already played the role of Clark Kent in the 2013 movie Man of Steel as well as the 2016 film Barman VS Superman, both of which dealt with iconic American comic book legends. Cavil gained a great deal of praise for his work in both films.  


“The cape is still in the closet,” he told Variety. “It’s still mine. I’m not going to sit quietly in the dark as all the stuff is going on. I’ve not given up the role. There’s a lot I have to give for Superman yet.”  
"All the stuff” likely refers director Zach Snyder’s directors cut of the 2017 film Justice League, which will be available on HBO Max
The new cut will be a much more in-depth version of the theatrical release. Cavill played Superman in Justice League as well.
It is not unlikely that the release will spark a new interest in the Man of Steel should any new productions be pitched to studios. 
Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster, Superman is perhaps the most famous and well-liked comic book hero of all time. His origin story, the last son of a dying planet who swears to defend truth justice and the American way, had inspired millions around the world since the first comic book depicting him was printed in 1938.
The role has been portrayed by noted actors such as Christopher Reeve. Comic book writers dared to take the character in bold, new directions such as the 2003 Superman: Red Son comic which retells the story with infant Superman landing in the USSR and not the US, making him a Soviet hero rather than an American one.  
Cavill’s most recent role is also of a super-powered hero, that of the Witcher in the same-named Netflix adaptation of the Polish fantasy novels.