The week in readers' photos

Jerusalem Post readers send us their best pics of the week

 (photo credit: HARRIET MARK)
(photo credit: HARRIET MARK)
 Send photos of what you saw or did this week to Jp[email protected] with your name and where the picture was taken. Feel free to add additional related info about the photo and/or suggest a caption.
BAD HAIR DAY: Not spotting long braids cascading from the window, this romantic lover scales the walls of his storybook princess’s tower in Ir Yamim unaided by her inviting long locks. (Michael Leaf)
YOU NEED energy to expend a fair amount of energy to clamber up this jagged rock south of Poleg Beach and claim this energy drink. (Bernard Olsburgh)
GOOD HAIR DAY: Having learned an important life hack, this fair maiden at the Botanical Garden makes sure to extend a hairy braid to aid her intrepid suitor. (Avigdor Schlesinger)
IT HAS now become known to those in this zone that Israel has grown a new type of drone. When it is flown, in groups or alone, it connects with your phone, x-rays your bone and shows if you’re wearing a mask or not – groan. (Harriet Mark)
IT’S BEEN REAL: This upscale homeowner near Beit Shemesh collects art so startlingly realistic that you almost feel that you can crawl through the frame and into the picture. (Yosef Reich)