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Should Israeli law be Jewish? - review

Where does the push for theocracy in the modern Jewish state come from?


Age positive

‘Getting old is not a crime” – so says Smadar Ganzi. In this interview with the Magazine, she explains why and what motivated her to start the campaign and a website for ProAging.


Aliyah Story: Imagining Jeremiah wandering there

'Living here is living in history. It’s an astounding little country. No matter where I go, there is something centuries and centuries-old.'

Passovers of growing emancipation - opinion

The continuous emancipation of the Jewish nation can be viewed through examining a series of “first” Passovers.


Parshat Shmini: The honey and the sting

The deeper lesson of the Torah’s teaching is not that one must have tragedy at the very moment of triumph, but that everything contains its opposite.

kashrut kosher

Parshat Shmini: Purity of the soul, restraint and humility

Kashrut is a significant part of Jewish identity. The basic principle of kashrut is that what a person puts into his body affects not only his physical health but the purity of his soul as well.

Holocaust online resource confronts difficult questions

Yad Vashem began the development of an online learning center, taking questions both from the original material and adding additional material to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center

A new tour book shows you The Jerusalem you’re looking for

In and Around Jerusalem for Everyone really is for everyone, whether you’re reading it on the trail or on your couch.

73+1 reasons why I love Israel - Opinion

Yes, there are imitations, but here is the original Jerusalem Post 17th straight year of new “Reasons I love Israel,” even though 2020 was a year of challenges.

Pascale’s Kitchen: Roasted peppers on sourdough bread

I usually end up buying a big bag of each kind of pepper and then going home and pickling them all so that my pantry will be stocked with a large variety of flavors and colors to choose from as an addition to meals.

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