Training their lenses on Israel

Five photographers with big online followings set to tour the country next week.

Nasim Mansurov (photo credit: Courtesy)
Nasim Mansurov
(photo credit: Courtesy)
There probably won’t be a moment that this group of tourists will put their cameras away. But after all, that’s the whole point of their trip.
Five photographers from the US, Canada and France will spend five days next week touring Israel, and capturing its beauty to share with their followers back home. The visit is organized by the five-year-old nonprofit Vibe Israel, which regularly brings groups of social media “influencers” to tour the country. This is Vibe’s second trip focused specifically on photography; past delegations have included food writers, mommy bloggers, fashion enthusiasts and more.
Vibe looks for stars in their field with big online followings, who will be watching to see the posts and images of the participants as they travel the country.
This group includes five photographers with close to five million followers between them, said Vibe: Nasim Mansurov, Irene Rudnyk, Joe Greer, Sarah Lee and Juan Jerez.
Mansurov, from Colorado, works as a professional photographer and runs the blog Photography Life, which offers tips and tutorials to photographers of all levels.
More than 350,000 people follow the blog’s Facebook page.
Rudnyk, from Calgary, Canada, specializes in fashion and lifestyle photography, with a focus on feminine, romantic images. She also uploads tutorials and behind the scenes videos to her YouTube channel, which has more than 130,000 subscribers.
Lee grew up in Hawaii, where she developed a love for water sports. Her deep sea shots and water photography have landed her in National Geographic and on CNN, as well as gigs doing shoots for bathing suit and wetsuit brands.
Greer, from Portland, Oregon, works as a freelance photographer. Some of his past clients include Disney, LG Mobile, IcelandAir, Abercrombie.
His landscape and travel shots are followed by over 450,000 people on Instagram.
Jerez was born in Spain, studied in Italy and now lives in France. His clients have included Nikon, Conde Nast and Tommy Hilfiger, and he has done a great deal of tourism and travel photography.
The group of five will travel from Jerusalem to the Judean Desert, Eilat, Tel Aviv and more. From a fashion photo shoot in Nabi Musa to capturing the sunset in Timna Park, and touring the Old City of Jerusalem, the photographers are bound to generate hundreds of breathtaking images.
They’ll also meet with local photographers, hear from photography- linked startups and, of course, swim with the dolphins in Eilat.