Tu Bishvat continues this weekend at Tzova

Tu Bishvat is the perfect time to explore Tzova.

Tu Bishvat in Tzova. (photo credit: COURTESY TZUBA TOURISM)
Tu Bishvat in Tzova.
When most families in Jerusalem think of Tzova, the first thought that comes to mind is Kiftzuba. If your kids are like mine, then I am sure they have made many pleading requests to visit Kiftzuba, an amusement park in Kibbutz Tzova (also known as Tzuba) just outside Jerusalem.
With the celebration of Tu Bishvat this week, I want to tell you a little bit more about Tzova, the place I call a natural oasis, a family fun destination and a great place to enjoy Tu Bishvat.
The modern-day Kibbutz Tzova was formerly known as Tel Tzova, a Jewish settlement from the time of King David. In the time of the Crusaders, the Belmont Fortress was built there to guard the route to Jerusalem. With its unique location perched on top of a hill overlooking the Jerusalem Hills, the views are incredible. Walking tours and hikes in the area lead to beautiful lookouts and natural springs, making Tzova a great place to enjoy nature in Jerusalem.
I would recommend calling the hotel in advance to arrange for an English speaking guide to take your family out to teach them about the history of the area and show them the natural landscape.
Tzova has also found a way of bringing nature indoors. Every Friday, the Tzuba Hotel offers a special family buffet brunch in the hotel lobby and patio overlooking the hills. This week, in honor of Tu Bishvat, the family brunch will have a “green” theme. The brunch, which includes dishes for adults and kids such as fresh country breads, quiches, fresh fish, warm soups and delicious salads, will also include some green specialties such as spinach shakshuka, green salad, green soups and stuffed vine leaves.
After the delicious buffet that the whole family can enjoy, the challenge is to find activities that will entertain kids and adults. That is another reason I think Tzova is a great family fun destination.
For the next few days, you can enjoy a tour of the Tzuba Winery, wine tasting for adults, Galita chocolate workshops for kids and adults and planting workshops at Kiftzuba. You can create your own ceramic herb-growing “pet” to take home at Kiftzuba.
If you enjoy nature, scenic views, natural springs and family activities, then make sure that a visit to Tzova is on your itinerary.
Upcoming events:
Friday, February 6: Reservations requested Guided tour of the Tzuba Winery; (02) 534-7090 “Green” family brunch at the Tzuba Hotel; (02) 534-7090 Planting Workshops at Kiftzuba with a Tu Bishvat theme; (02) 534-7952 Galita Chocolate Workshop; (02) 534- 7650 Saturday, February 7: Reservations requested Planting and art workshops at Kiftzuba with a Tu Bishvat theme; (02) 534-7952 Galita chocolate workshop; (02) 534- 7650
Contact: tzuba@funinjerusalem.com