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Tu Bishvat: Protecting the environment is a Jewish value - opinion

This Tu Bishvat, let us remember that preserving and protecting the natural beauty of our world is a core Jewish value and a fundamental element of who we are as a people.

In the Kitchen with Henny: Fruits of our land

When I was growing up in New York, Tu Bishbat was celebrated minimally. In Israel, it’s celebrated with a Seder at a table laden with brilliant colors of fresh fruit, nuts, breads and wine.


Pascale’s Kitchen: Ti Bishvat dried fruit treats

This year, I’ve chosen three fantastic recipes for desserts made with fruit that are perfect for serving on Tu Bishvat.

Tu Bishvat: Finding God in nature

Intuitively, religious people sense spiritual meaning in nature. What are the different ways in which nature can enhance us religiously and spiritually?

Fruit and vegetables sit on display at Brixton Market, London, September 27, 2020.

Foreign dried fruit is unhealthy, eat fresh Israeli fruit - Plants Board

In preparation for Tu Bishvat, the Israel Plants Board calls on the public to prefer local fresh fruits over imported dried fruits.

Tu Bishvat and food for free: Meet the foragers of Israel's countryside

Get introduced to all the gastronomic and curative treasures that grow freely and happily all over the place in Israel's countryside.


Tu Bishvat: The creation of beautiful things

In the past, trees were sacred to many people, but only Judaism has a New Year for them, which falls on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat (Tu Bishvat).

Tu Bishvat: Happy new year – if you're a tree

Tu Bishvat reminds us of our responsibility to the environment – that we should cry out against the enormity of the destruction of rain forests and the degradation of God’s world.

Tu Bishvat planting ceremonies held in UAE, Bahrain

"We must work to plant the seeds now so our future generations will enjoy the fruits of peace. That is what the holiday and the Abraham Accords are all about"

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