Tune in: Fauda's season 2 premiere date revealed

Israelis may not party on New Years like those in the US do, but this year Israelis will have plenty to celebrate with Fauda's second season premiere.

Trailer for Fauda Season2 (Israel FilmCenter/YouTube)
How will you be spending your New Year’s Eve? For hundreds of thousands of Israelis, the answer is going to be watching the season premiere of Fauda, of course.
Yes TV announced Tuesday night that the second season of the international smash hit about IDF intelligence officers would be hitting the airwaves on December 31. The TV provider revealed the news in a video which showed the date slowly appearing via bullet holes while the sound of shooting is heard.
But when will the show hit Netflix, making it available to audiences around the globe? The streaming service told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that the show does not yet have a Netflix premiere date, but that it was slated to arrive in the first few months of 2018.
At a fundraiser for an Israeli nonprofit in May, show creator Lior Raz wouldn’t give away much about the second season of the show, just that “It’s going to talk about revenge,” according to Variety.
“And it’s going to have a lot – a lot – of action.”
Fauda’s first season hit Israeli airwaves in February 2015, and was added to Netflix’s lineup – with English subtitles – in December 2016.
Fauda has been such a big hit for Netflix that it signed a deal last month for two new shows from Raz and Issacharoff.
The duo will be producing two original programs for Netflix – one unnamed series and another titled Hit and Run.