Israeli illusionist hints at knowledge of JFK assassination

The Israeli-born mentalist and illusionist hints he may have been tapped on the shoulder by the CIA to help shed light on the motives behind the 1963 JFK assassination.

Israeli psychic Uri Geller poses for photographers in Cologne (photo credit: REUTERS/INA FASSBENDER)
Israeli psychic Uri Geller poses for photographers in Cologne
The famous, and some would say infamous, Israeli illusionist Uri Geller used social media on Sunday to tease at information about his possible connections to the world’s clandestine service community.
Noting that US President Donald Trump would not prevent the release of the JFK assassination files, Geller pointed out that the files would be made available to the public by Thursday.
Geller claimed that he himself might be mentioned in the files, having supposedly helped out various secret services during his long career as performer.   
“I was already at Mexico City at the time [1963],” Geller revealed, “a CIA agent [there] tasked me [to discover]… whether Lee Harvey Oswald [the person who shot JFK] acted alone.”
Oswald had visited the Russian embassy in Mexico City because he desired to travel to Cuba and from there to head to the USSR, a country he was deeply fascinated by and wished to live in. Geller claims he was asked to look into the idea that Oswald was carrying out instructions from the Soviet Union delivered to him at the embassy.
Geller claimed that what he discovered was “shocking," and mused over the possibility he would be mentioned in the soon-to-be released files, which would make his alleged contribution public, before concluding that if he is not mentioned, “Sadly, I will never be able to reveal what I discovered.”
Geller is known worldwide for his "special abilities," which include appearing to bending spoons, stopping and restarting watches, and supposedly gaining information "from thin air."
During his long career, Geller often claimed that he is not a stage magician, but actually has abnormal mental powers, a claim that has been ridiculed by professional Israeli illusionists as well as the professional magician and debunker James Randi.
The JFK assassination of 1963 caused tremendous shock and grief around the world and spurred a wide range of conspiracy theories.
Some theories, all unfounded, include that the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro was attempting to get even with the US after various American assassination attempts on his own life, that the Russian Secret Service (at the time the KGB) was behind it, or that the Mafia planned the hit.
Oswald himself was murdered by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby and never appeared in court.
Ruby later died in prison in 1967, four years after the assassination.
Born in Chicago to Orthodox Jewish parents, Ruby changed his name from Rubenstein so as to not attract extra attention to himself, claiming he was too well known in the Chicago criminal scene.