Valentine's Day gifts - Flowers, chocolate & hearts

We don’t have much to celebrate these days, so why not surround ourselves with love?

Max Brenner (photo credit: Courtesy)
Max Brenner
(photo credit: Courtesy)
“I always wear girl’s perfume. Beautiful is my new favorite fragrance…” (Andy Warhol). More than 35 years after the launch of Beautiful in 1985, the company launches a new collector’s edition, which is an exclusive collaboration with the art of Andy Warhol. This Special Collector’s Edition is an exclusive collaboration between Estée Lauder and the art of Andy Warhol. Andy loved Beautiful so much he even wore it himself. A visionary like Estée, Andy also had a passion for flowers, capturing their beauty in bold pop art prints and paintings splashed with color. Now, Estée and Andy’s flowers come together in the ultimate collaboration. A special 35th Anniversary Collector’s Edition of ‘Beautiful Absolu’, amplifying the signature scent and showcasing the heart of a Tuberose flower captured at dawn. To match its elegance, a colorful pattern of Andy’s signature flowers makes the package a work of art in itself. NIS 249 for 50 ml. Special launch price NIS 175 until January 31.
Clinique launched a new night eye cream with retinol. The products, called Smart Night Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Repair Treatment Retinol, is for all skin types. Powered by retinol, this creamy formula sinks in to help speed up cell turnover and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. After a few days, skin tone looks even more radiant, and pores look minimized. It delivers instant and lasting hydration, which helps comfort skin and offset dryness sometimes associated with retinol. But keep in mind that tolerance to retinol varies from person to person, so even if you do not see results after one or two days – be patient and do not use too much. Clinique promises that the new cream restores radiance after one use, and after seven days will minimize pores, while you will get the maximum results after 28 days. Remember to always use sunscreen when using retinol, and use at night. NIS 369, sold now for NIS 258.
Swiss premium cosmetic company Juvena just introduced its newest Retinol & Hayalron Cell fluid promising a 3D effect. The gently flowing emulsion, say the company’s experts, ensures smooth, even and radiantly lovely skin. This highly effective combination of Juvena’s exclusive SkinNova SC technology with the turbobooster retinol and triple hyaluronic acid balances the skin tone, moisturizes it and gives it a plump, taut and firmed appearance. According to the company, the new technology jump-starts the skin’s stem cells instantly and protects it from pollution while supplying the skin with more hydration. The scent, by the way, is heavenly. NIS 269. Use twice daily. Available at Superpharm stores and online at
Yes we are all locked down and getting dressed smartly is not high on our to do list, but a small token for the international day of love may bring a smile to someone’s face. Such are the frames by Ray Ban – I just love them and hope to wear them when summer arrives and COVID-19 is no longer with us. Ah, and opticians are open – so if you are itching to buy something, here’s an idea. Happy Valentine’s… NIS 679.
Kleenex launched a new line – Proactive Care, offering an all-around solution for keeping away from the virus. The new line includes disposable face masks for both children and adults, hand cleansing gel, hygienic disposable hand towels and wet wipes. The new line was developed as an answer to needs that arose with the coronavirus pandemic. All the products are of excellent quality and easy to use and keep in your handbag.
Pre-washed and cut greens have been available for a long time, but most are only good for one day and the leaves change color very soon after purchase. A new company, Natureza (“nature” in Portuguese), started marketing a very large collection of pre-washed and cut greens and root vegetables that are so fresh that they stay for days and are there when you need them. We used their different salad mixes and got excellent reviews from some very picky diners, we used their root vegetables for an Asian-inspired salad that was even better the next day, and we loved their Asian tossing mix with noodles and even tried their red cabbage in a soup. All the mixes were simply very good and made adding veggies to the meal easy. Look for them online at or in Yochananof, Rami Levy, and other stores.
Chocolate. I don’t think I ever ate as much chocolate as in the last year. There were days, especially in the beginning of the pandemic, when it was the only thing I could keep down. I still reach for it often but try not to have too much at arm’s reach. But Valentine’s Day is as good a reason to have lots of chocolate as any and this year we will be celebrating with Max Brenner’s romantic Pure Love fondue package, as well as the Date for Two, or others. The collection is very sweet, very romantic – with lots of red and pink and hearts, and a price range that is affordable. This year they also suggest adding a magnet with the face of your loved one – so don’t be lazy, order one. or call 1-700-70-88-77
Holy Butter produces excellent peanut butter that had already acquired many followers, thanks to it being all natural with no added sugar or salt, and made from the very best nuts. Now the company launched a new product – almond butter, released in time for Tu Bishvat, 100% pure and natural Israeli-grown almonds regarded as the best in the world due to their taste, natural sweetness and higher calcium content than their counterparts from other countries. The company boasts their own signature roast and grind to best enhance these qualities. The almond butter, like the peanut butter, has no added salt, sugar or oils.
Holy Butter products can be found at, in stores at Teva Castel, Noy Hasadeh, Kliyat Breisheet, Supertov Modi’in, Super Hamoshava Jerusalem, Hakafria and Super Hamakom Shelanu in Ra’anana, Kliyat Hamama in Kfar Saba and Herzliya, and Sulika in Herzliya. NIS 28 for the peanut butter and NIS 40 for the almond butter.
Some research shows that vitamin D helps our body fight COVID-19, on top of its many other healthful qualities. It seems that people who suffer from low levels of the vitamin get sicker and show more violent symptoms. Apparently, despite the fact there is no lack of sun in our country, many Israelis do suffer from vitamin D deficiency especially in the wintertime. Shiitake mushrooms are very rich in vitamin D and Tekoa Farms, which grows them in Israel, says that its dried mushrooms contain six times more of the vitamin than mushrooms that were not exposed to the sun. We say: They’re so tasty and we love them anyway. Can you think of a nicer way to warm up than having a rich and comforting mushroom soup with the real flavors of sun-dried shiitake? Other healthful qualities include strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure and reducing the levels of cholesterol. Sold dry, they will not go bad in your pantry and will be there when you need them. Yummy. NIS 7.90 – NIS 10.90 for 25 grams, available in stores around the country.
This is the time to look for good fresh olive oil made in Israel. Vered and Erez Sa’adon are known for their excellent wines they produce in Tura Winery. But everybody knows that they also produce excellent olive oil. In their well-equipped olive press, they produce oil from trees grown on the banks of Shiloh River, where the soil and climate conditions are perfect, offering only up to 0.3% of acidity. We love the flavor and aroma as well as the price. Already available in boutique shops around the country, now it is possible to order the oil online, and at the same time take a peek at their new wine collection. Prices range from NIS 89 for two liters to NIS 195 for five liters and NIS 42 for a 750 ml. bottle. You can also stock up and get an 18-liter box for NIS 660. Delivery is free for orders of over NIS 399. Call 052-796-6613, (02) 650-8882 or go to