WATCH: Adolf Hitler, and the American diplomat who stood up to him

In Nazi controlled Germany, American diplomat James McDonald did all he could to save Jews from certain death. Now Israeli film director Shuli Eshel tells his story in a new documentary movie.

Film Review Video Report - A Voice Among the Silent (Dennis Zinn)
Few Israelis, or Americans for that matter, heard of late US diplomat James Grover McDonald.
Yet McDonald, who met Adolf Hitler in 1933, a fatal meeting in which the German dictator informed the American that he merely intends to do to the Jews what the whole world wants to do, which is to eliminate them, was so shocked by the statement he rapidly took on heroic efforts to help Jewish refugees seeking a haven from sure death.
The life of this extraordinary man are now the subject of  “A Voice Among the Silent” by Israeli/American film director Shuli Eshel. Shown at a special screening this week at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem to a packed house, the film is certain to inspire and educate anyone curious about Nazi Germany and American relations with it.