WATCH: Harley Davidson club honors Trump's visit to Israel

The bikers offered an apropos tribute to Trump, who is himself an avid lover of motorcycles.

Motorcyclists ride in honor of Trump arrival to Israel
Members of the Harley Davidson club set out on a ride to honor US President Donald Trump as he arrives in Israel for the first time as sitting president.              
They started the ride at 12:00 p.m. in Tel Aviv and finished it in front of the US Embassy, blocking traffic along HaYarkon Street as the official ceremony welcoming Trump unfolded at the Ben-Gurion Airport just outside Tel Aviv.
"We are excited to welcome our friend, Donald Trump, to Israel," a motorcyclist leading in the front spoke into a speaker, drawing a big group of onlookers to join them in cheers.
Trump is known as an avid lover of motorcycles and owns his own golden Harley Davidson.