WATCH: Jerusalem's First Station dances for kindness

In honor of World Kindness day, hundreds gathered in Jerusalem's First Station for a flash mob.

Dance for Kindness at Jerusalem's First Station, November 11th, 2018 (Credit: Dennis Zinn/The Jerusalem Post)
Tens of thousands of people across the world danced in an annual flash mob on Sunday night, the largest of its kind that included both Gaza and Jerusalem.
Orly Wahba, an educator, social activist and the initiator of the flash-mob, spoke with The Jerusalem Post about the goals of the event and the significance of this year's event.
Hundreds of people from Israel participated for the first time at Jerusalem's First Station. Gazans took part in the initiative as well to promote peace, in addition to participants from countries across the world, including the United States, Canada and Vietnam, among other countries.
Several Muslim countries participated as well, including Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. The event took place in honor of World Kindness Day.