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Acts of benevolence rise amid COVID-19, boosting happiness - UN

Israel ranks highest in the MENA region happiness scale, while conflict in Afghanistan, financial crisis in Lebanon put them at the bottom of the list.


Is spending time alone good for us? - study

New research from Bar-Ilan University indicates that people will feel better if they are alone by choice than if they are with others not by choice.

Finding happiness in the months of Adar - opinion

Can we be commanded to be happy? Is happiness a state of mind that is divinely imposed upon us – with or without our consent – or is there some secret to attaining this gift of joy?

How to live the good life all your life - opinion

The choices we make in life are critical to our happiness and our future.


Six things you must do to be happy

Before you start reading this article, think for a few moments and ask yourself if you constantly feel anxious. 

By Walla!

Happy Israelis are the secret to Israel's success - opinion

The story of modern Israel is nevertheless one of irrefutable success, our remarkable collective happiness attesting to that.

  Happy businessman

This is how much free time you need every day to be happy

Most of us believe that if we have lots of free time during the day to do what we want we’ll be happier. This study claims otherwise, and quantifies the amount of free time you need to be happier.

By Walla!

Keeping spirits up during the pandemic

Below, I offer some positive tips for lifting your mood and/or helping those you care about during this pandemic in this new year.

Wedding dresses and financial priorities

Maybe we should forgo some small luxury and help out those in need. Let’s remember the lesson of Rabbi Blech, “that true happiness comes not from our possessions but from our priorities."

Elderly couple

New fountain of youth? Hebrew U. finds link between optimism, longevity

Those with a positive outlook had a 20% higher survival rate than those who were less optimistic. This difference increased in to 25% in the 90+ age bracket.

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