Wondrous Treats at Waffle Factory

Dining fun for all the family.

Waffle Factory (photo credit: Courtesy)
Waffle Factory
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Who better to help me review Waffle Factory than my niece and nephew, who are both pretty adventurous eaters and discerning customers?
Before we could even look at the rest of the menu, their big eyes were immediately drawn to the “Create Your Own Milkshake” (NIS 38) section of the menu. He went for a Lotus, mango and Twix milkshake, which was so delicious that we fought over finishing it; while she chose a mix of strawberry, mango and Kinder chocolate, which was less popular as the chocolate flavor was too dominant. I decided on a slightly healthier Crushed Lemon-Mint (NIS 22) which was wonderfully refreshing.
On our waiter’s recommendation, we started with the Crispy Cheese Rolls (NIS 28 for six pieces) with a mix of Pizza Fresh flavor and Goat Cheese flavor. Both had a wonderful crunch on the outside and gooey cheese in the middle and were served with a sweet chilli sauce and a garlic dill cream sauce. We all agreed that it was our favorite dish on the menu.
In an effort to try a variety of dishes across the menu, I ordered The Factory salad (NIS 64), a classic green salad, with the additional of sautéed mushrooms, grated feta cheese and fried goat-cheese balls. The mixture of textures and flavors worked very well.
Next came the Sautéed Mushroom pizza (NIS 66) which is one of my favorite pizzas in Jerusalem. The combination of the crispy base and creamy topping worked beautifully. The Tuna Melt tortilla roll (NIS 48) was a simple, well prepared sandwich and was a big hit with my niece.
From the pasta section, we ordered the Fettuccini Mushroom Alfredo (NIS 58) which was as delicious as the mushroom pizza, and the Sweet Potato Ravioli in a rose sauce (NIS 60), which was good but the kids found the sauce too spicy. Finally, we were very excited to order the Mac & Cheese (NIS 58), as it is hard to find an authentic version in Jerusalem. The dish that arrived was tasty enough but not the real deal; however the owner said they would be working on a more classic mac & cheese dish, so I am excited to go back and try it.
Last, but not least, were the desserts. The waiter brought us a beautifully presented dessert platter in the shape of an artist’s palette, which included various flavors of waffles, mini pancakes along with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and ice cream. We devoured every last bite, despite the feast we had already eaten.
Waffle Factory is so much more than just a waffle restaurant and it is a perfect venue for family meals with plenty of choice to keep the kids and adults happy.

The writer was a guest of the restaurant.

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